You’ll Love Juvia’s Place 

Photography & Words: Zoe London

I’m always on the lookout for new, exciting brands. When I first discovered Juvia’s Place last year, I fell in love.

I own two palettes from Juvia’s Place – the Saharan and the Magic. In the UK they’re available to buy from Beauty Bay, and that’s where I bought both of mine. I think you’ll be absolutely blown away by the pigment, it’s incredible! It’s some of the best eyeshadows I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a lot over the years! Now Juvia’s Place is a brand that’s taken America by storm, but doesn’t seem to have as much hype or translated much over to the UK. I’m here to change that today and show you why these little palettes are worth your time – and money.

I know not all our favourite beauty vloggers and bloggers run in the same circles when dealing with across the pond issues, but it’s so surprising sometimes when some amazing brands just don’t make as much hype over here as they do there, and vice versa. Juvia’s Place is one of those brands that really is worth the hype, and definitely worth picking up.

Juvia’s Place is an American brand, cruelty free and the products on the whole are mostly vegan (quoting their website FAQs) but guarantees their eyeshadow palettes are totally vegan. While some of the shades in their palettes are quite similar, as you can see in my Magic Palette and Saharan Palette have a few similar shades, they are on the whole quite unique compared to other brands. They have several palettes in total, and to be honest they all look amazing. I have so many on my wishlist! They come in a cardboard – but not flimsy feeling – packaging, with gorgeous inspired artwork on the front of each one. Unfortunately there’s no mirror inside, which is a little downside, but they are so unique and pretty in my collection.

Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette – £30 – Beauty Bay

The Saharan Palette is inspired by the Fulani culture of West Africa, and their distinctive dress sees them in a lot of red, which is very apparent in this palette. All the shades are named as inspired by such, and a few have African country names like Senegal and Chad. While the palette is primarily warm copper, red and shimmery magenta tones, there are a couple of unique standouts. Kia is a duo-chromatic green black shade that applies beautifully, and Chad is a bold black – which Juvia’s Palace states was put in there purposefully to represent the black in the Fulani culture detailing. This was the first palette I got from Juvia’s Place and I was taken in by the red shade Sokoto, and the golden shade Wodaabe, both of which looked so pigmented and unusual – for me, perfect to create that dreamy grunge look on my paler skin. I wasn’t disappointed at all, and I often take this palette travelling with me as it covers pretty much all bases for me from a smoky eye, to a shimmery metallic eye, to my red / brown grunge eye! I also absolutely adore the shade Senegal, as you can see it makes such a beautiful highlight on the eye. Jamila is a good all rounder for a grunge eye and the highlight shade Iman is absolutely beautiful too – and always good to have a white nearby.

Juvia’s Place Magic Palette – £30 – Beauty Bay

The Magic Palette is my most recent Juvia’s Place addition, and after seeing rave reviews I had to have it. As I mentioned, some of the shades are a bit similar to the Saharan, which is a little disappointing, but also as the palette is larger, they both have different uses to me so it juuuust about gets away with it! The Magic Palette was inspired by the Moon and Sun goddesses, represented on the front of the palette. What drew me to this palette was the unique looking blue/violet shade Ife, as well as the shade Yejide which is a bold navy blue. I don’t own any shades like this, and wasn’t left disappointed with their pigmentation, they are so deep, rich and beautiful and it translates over to the eye, too. The shade Faso is also amazing, duo-chromatic goodness that blends perfectly with the blue shades. Kogi is similar to Sokoto in the Saharan Palette, but a bit more ‘red brick’ than neon, so it just about makes it different enough for me. This overall palette for me has less versatility, but more in the way of unique inspired colourful looks. In the photo above i’m wearing Nubia on the inner corner, Buzo and Yara on the middle of the lid blended into Aja into the outer and i’m really digging this unusual green smoky eye for a change in makeup looks!

I absolutely adore both my Juvia’s Place palettes, and I would highly recommend them. They’re not the cheapest palettes in the world, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck and compared to other similar priced palettes, the pans are all pigmented with no dud shades at all. I also love the design and think it’s so cool to have something different in the makeup world, when it’s all about trends and aesthetics, I love that Juvia’s Place tells a story. My only gripe is the repeating of shades, which is a shame, but as time has gone on Juvia’s Place have launched even more unique palettes and I adore how they continually do this!

I’d love to know what you think of these palettes, and if you’ll be checking out Juvia’s Place! Let me know if you wanna see some more unique brands you may not have heard of, as I absolutely love finding them and am constantly on a quest to find more – especially cruelty free ones!