There is something so utterly cathartic about both reading words on a page, and writing words down – even if it’s to a screen. It’s that semblance of letters, posted in the correct and often most beautiful order that makes you both feel and imagine what you are reading so vividly you often feel you are there, or you know the person. Books have really made a comeback in 2018, and i’m hoping the humble blog does, too. That’s partly the reason why i’ve revived mine from the dead, with a fresh new look and more importantly – a new outlook.

I wanted to make the homepage into a ‘hub’ for my activity. It shows my most recent tweets, most recent videos and of course my most recent posts – all intertwined with a live feed of my instagram page. So almost like a Pinterest board of all my content in one place. To me this seems like the most common way to enjoy a blog in 2019. Long gone are the very old live journal days of wordy essays on white backdrops with only those Dollz Mania emoticons – those of whose fashion styles are back in trend now they are so old school – and even more long gone are the classic blogger layouts. The ones that made us all popular. I think now people want to consume quicker, easier, and with more photos than ever before.

That’s not to say there’s nothing left of the humble word blog though. Most commonly searched for items include reviews on blogs, and the real life experiences jotted down to share with and help others. You can’t find that on instagram. That’s what brings me back to blogging. Of course I adore being able to file pages like diary entries, to share with you my inner most feelings and to perhaps make you not feel so alone in having the same – but mostly I love being able to help. To help you choose that lipstick, to see if it’s worth the price tag. To help you with your holiday choices, finding new hidden treasures in cities and countries all over the world. And to help you find yourself. Your style, your life and your own sense of what you love in this world. Because that’s what helped me, when I first started reading and discovering blogs too. That’s what helped shape me into the woman I am. 

I’m sorry I wasn’t here most of 2018, but it was the most defining year of my life yet. You know what? I can’t wait to tell you all about it.