Winter In Our New First Home

Photography: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London


We’re in. We’ve moved. A brand new part of my life begins now.

I never, never thought 2017 would be the year I bought a home. You know that time I saw the Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry? (If you didn’t watch that video you can watch it here.) Well, way back in May, Tyler told me i’d be unexpectedly packing boxes/moving home. He thought it might be to a different country, which it wasn’t, but it did end up happening. I’m still surprised, even now as I sit here in my box filled new office – double the size of the last office – staring at the house that *we own* in awe. This weekend just gone was one of the most stressful of my whole entire life, where both George and I felt the pressure, hard. We’ve snapped at each other, i’ve cried a couple of times and we’ve broken all our nails and our backs ache, but we’re in. We can now look to winter in our first ever home, and it’s just overwhelmingly happy.

We’ve already started with the process of making a house a home with the renovations we need to do, and while our house feels so far off and incomplete at the moment – I know it won’t forever. It’s so rewarding to see our money invested into something we own, the hard work we’ve both put in for all these years now paying off and paying for our future together. We will be a family, the Rockett family, as of next year, and it’s essentially going to be our family home for a while. We’re just so exhausted to even process anything, but today is the first time in a week i’ve had a minute to breathe. Our internet was connected last night, our wallpaper went up while we were out yesterday and the amazing builder has done a few little things like change the taps, the sinks and the shower so we’re starting to feel a little more like we can live in the space. I haven’t been able to get very festive as i’ve been knee deep in boxes, but today for the first time I am feeling a bit festive, as I look toward our first Christmas in our first home – and our last Christmas as we know it before we do become the lil Rockett family next year. There’s a lot of emotions all over the place, and I just felt like now was the perfect time to share this festive set in our home of London (although don’t be fooled we don’t live anywhere near Regent Street! we’re out East way) shot by Kaye last month.

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This coat has become part of me the last couple of weeks, I cannot begin to tell you how cosy it is. It’s from a brand called Jakke, which is vegan, cruelty free and 100% faux fur. The coats are a little pricey, but right now they are all on ASOS and they have a Black Friday code for 20% off, (WIN20, valid until 8am GMT Tuesday 28th November 2017) which might be a good time to buy! You can check out my exact coat above. I can tell you it is the most softest, cosiest coat I have ever owned, i’ve no idea how Jakke have been able to do this – pure wizardry I tell you. I think it looks killer when paired with a pair of statement boots, which I found on Public Desire. I absolutely couldn’t resist this pink metallic pair, which retail at just £40. I think they look really luxe, and also make such an entrance. Everyone has asked me where they’re from, and for the details on them since I got them!

Alright so this tee is a bit of an intense message but well, as a blogger, sometimes you have to let your tee do the talking so you don’t end up with a notifications tab full of unsolicited opinions! It’s quite tense at the moment in the blog world, what with some high profile cases of old tweets being dug out, and generally a bit of a witch hunt mentality toward content creators. It’s sad to see, but I think with any ‘new’ media, old media do want to pick it apart until they understand it. I think i’ve been quite thankful to be honest moving house and kinda out of the whole spectrum of it all at the moment, because it can be quite negative to read. If the negativity is bothering you, just take a step back and breathe, you don’t need to always consume it all. As for the tee, Nasty Gal do a promo where two tees are £20 for both, and they have some great ones. I think it adds a nice understated element to this seemingly put together outfit, and even Kaye didn’t notice what it said til I pulled it aside and said “defo get a snap of this!” It probably helps I have an actual mountain of hair…!

I have no idea if you guys actually prefer reading little stories/thought bubbles alongside my outfit posts these days, but I always feel like I have so much to say with no platform to say it. Blogs are now the only space where you fully control what you’re putting out without fear of algorithm or demonetised notifications hitting you in the chest. It’s nice to have this space to just feel like I can update you on my life, but I do appreciate that they do sit a bit strange when next to the outfits. I also am conscious that I don’t ever want to just waffle at you about clothes and look like i’m shilling things. These days, and well, you know me – 80% of what I own and rave about was bought by myself. I bought most of this outfit and i’ll never stop buying/owning things I actually want to instead of just doing so for the sake of the blog. I think thats why I actually like to just sit and talk to you in the posts, because well, that’s just me. The outfit is just me, and this is my life at the moment. I’d love to know in the comments if you do like thoughtful posts alongside outfit photos, though! Your feedback – even negative – means a lot to me!


So it’s a busy Winter ahead for George and I, but we could not be happier that the house is ours. I’ve a million house things coming up, and I really hope you enjoy reading about what we are doing to our lil home as much as i’m enjoying putting it all together. It’s not all me by the way, but George is so laid back and trusts my style he’s letting me take reign. Let’s be honest, it’s probably better that way as I am somewhat of a control freak being a business owner and all that, but he came in and beamed to the moon and back at my wallpaper choice now on our walls, so I think it’s safe to say he trusts me.

I absolutely loved this outfit, and I hope you get a little inspiration on how to make culottes look less like pajamas in every day life from it! Let me know in the comments!