Why I Repurchase IGK Hair Again & Again

Look i’m no stranger to IGK and neither are you if you read here. I’ve already blogged twice about the brand here, and here in the last year. I would like to say i’m sorry for yet another post – but i’m absolutely not. Discovering IGK on a whim back in 2016 on a trip to Miami is still one of my fave ever beauty finds. I picked up just one product back then – the Down & Out Dirty Spray for texture and ever since then i’ve picked up more products – and been lucky enough to be sent some!! – and my collection is now pretty vast. I share everything with George, so we both get uses out of them and we’ve both fallen head over heels for the brand in the last few years. There’s three other products I own that i’m not sharing here, one is the Holographic Hair Mousse which i blogged about here – not really an everyday thing enough to go in this post – and I also have the Pre Party Glitter Spray which again, isn’t an every day item! George also owns the Mixed Feelings Cool Blonde Toner Drops, but I can’t find them anywhere. Classic. When I find them (I think they’ve been stashed away in my current clear out!) i’ll talk about them in a post all about keeping blonde hair blonde.

IGK is the brainchild of professional hair stylists, who spotted a gap in the market. The range is centred around three cities, the primary cities that the IGK founder stylists work and run salons in – LA, NYC and Miami.

Lets start with arguably the most user friendly product – the dry shampoos. There are three ‘strengths’ which is another thing I absolutely love about this brand. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all, there’s three different types of dry shampoo here. First up is Jet Lag, the lightest and most weightless dry shampoo. Then there’s Direct Flight, a sort of medium ground between the highest strength and the softest, and then there’s First Class, a charcoal based ‘detox’ dry shampoo. For me I love a spritz of Jet Lag in my fringe for next day texture, and otherwise I flick between Direct Flight and First Class depending on where my hair extensions are at in their wash cycle. They smell divine, they are totally invisible and they do a great job of keeping my hair fresh in-between washes. Sometimes I get compliments from people on my lovely soft clean hair and little do they know it’s three days into it’s wash cycle..! I totally understand they are a little pricey for what they are compared to the high street equivalent, but they really do a great job and the can is a large size so it does last me a while.

Onto the nitty gritty, some of the more intense styling products. Let’s start with the easiest of the bunch – the Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo. I love this shampoo for when i’m in-between extensions or just washing my fringe. It smells amazing and well, pretty much does what it says – stops my often dry fringe from looking too dry or overworked and keeps it soft and shiny. Again in-between extensions i’ve been trying the Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment which is great if your head has just been bleached and is perhaps a bit sore. It’s an aerosol so it’s dead easy to use, and it helps with dry scalps, itchy scalps, flaky scalps or even a really greasy scalp that won’t dry out. I use it when i’m at home after bleaching and before my extensions go back in, to minimalise scalp imbalance.

There’s also Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil for hair that’s been colour damaged or treated, and while similar to Trust Issues, this one is based on coconut oil. For those with dry scalp or sore scalps, this will work a treat. George uses this more than I do as his hair is bleached and toned more often to keep it silver and he loves it. Again perhaps more of a one-off product we also have Blocked Waterproof Hair Shield which only really comes into play if you are travelling. Applied to the hair when wet, it claims to act as a barrier to the elements – so chlorine pools or humidity. Now I don’t think it protected my hair colour very well on the honeymoon as it still faded – and so did George’s – but what it did do very well for me was it kept the humidity at bay. My hair was going mad in the Maldives and this absolutely calmed it down and kept it shiny and sleek despite crazy humid temperatures. It might work better at chlorine protection if you’re not blonde.

And then we have the blow dry heroes. Some of my absolute favourite IGK products and part of the reason why I fell in love with the brand to begin with. The Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm is the stand out of the range for me. It’s a light soft gel that just goes perfectly into wet hair. It’s totally non greasy, it’s not like an oil, and it’s not like a mousse either. It’s honestly so good and my hair extensions absolutely love it. I repurchase it again and again, and i’d recommend it wholeheartedly as a starter product into the brand. For anyone with long, bleached or tangly/untameable hair you will love Mistress. Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat is similar, but adds more shine rather than hydration. I like Expensive, but I find you do need to use a lot of it and well that can get.. quite expensive. ‘Scuse the dad joke. Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel is a similar vibe but is much thicker and harder to work through the hair than Mistress. I love it, but I reserve it for times when my hair needs extra love. What’s great about Rich Kid is that it has some shimmer going through it, meaning it deposits this beautiful shine as it conditions.

Last but not least my two texture sprays, I have Down & Out Dirty Spray which is a proper grunge spray, gives mega texture and proper lived in locks but also has coconut oil in it to hydrate. I love it for going out. A great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way. This is still the one I bought back in 2016, whereas i’ve had to repurchase a few of the others! My absolute favourite IGK texture spray that i’ve tried though is the Beach Club Volumising Texture Spray. Ahhhh this is so good! It gives for me that perfect amount of lived in but still flexible and movable hair texture. I adore it for when I do my current every day style of loose beachy waves – where I curl my hair backwards and forwards with my curler a la Khloe Kardashian. This is perfect for that.

So that’s my IGK collection! I’ve got through the Call Time Primer Spray I featured in my last post, but i’m now keen to try the Sold Out Priming Basecoat rather than repurchasing Call Time. I also have a mini version of the Low Key Walnut Cleansing Scrub to try so i’ll report back on that! Next on my hit list for 2019 are the Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner for in-between hair extensions, I wanna see if the Intern Flexible Hairspray compares to my fave Ouai Hairspray, and I wanna try the Laid Back De-Frizz and Anti Static spray in the Summer as i’ve not seen another product like it!

Would you try IGK Hair? Let me know what you think in the comments!