why i don’t blog as much as i should

(sorry it’s a terrible iphone photo – this is my lounge this evening! also not all my makeup is pictured)
Evening ladies! I’m still new to blogging and I’d love to give you an insight into a bit about me and the art I constantly work on creating. My flat is a constant pickle and a huge mess – and this is normally why. Just wanted to show you some of the planning going into my photoshoots and work, this is just one of hundreds of face charts, sketches, pictures and drawings that I put into my sketch book to create my own photographs! Phew. I’d show you the state of my bedroom but it’s embarrassing, theres paper EVERYWHERE!
This is all part of my (ongoing) photography work and also a huge part of a brand new street art collaboration with a street artist using my own idea of “making over” a plain wall with real make up. Stay tuned and hopefully you’ll see more (especially if you live in London, might pop up on a wall near you!) It’s fair to say it’s heavily influenced by Alex Box, i-D and Interview magazine (pictured – love that Penelope shoot!) I am planning on doing a huge huge piece in Leake St, London  – a legal graffiti spot – very soon, using lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, blush, lace, glitter, ribbon. If anyones interested in coming down or possibly helping out, let me know in the comments, i’d love to meet other likeminded souls!
So I can only apologise for the inconsistant blogging – hopefully you’ll understand why – i’m probably dying under a huge pile of paper!!
Lots of love, Z xox