Video: Soft Grunge Everyday Makeup Tutorial

 photo softgrungecover_zps392f46e5.jpg


I had so much fun shooting my Christmas makeup tutorial last month that I thought i’d shoot another for a new YouTube video! In the last one I talked while I was putting on the makeup, but to be honest with you I do prefer makeup videos to be a little snappier and to the point. Just personally, anyway! The videos I watch and enjoy on YouTube are all set to music and a bit quicker to get through so I can digest them easier – maybe I have short patience! – and that’s the direction I took with this vid.
Less than 3 mins long and it’s dead easy to do, I think I only used about six products or so in the end to get this whole look – really using makeup for multi-purpose action and keeping with the ‘everyday’ theme so it’s nothing too intense or difficult. I usually knock this out in about ten – fifteen minutes or so when i’m getting ready at home so hopefully you enjoy watching and feel inspired!
Please do let me know in the comments if you like this style of makeup tutorial, the whole thing was really quick and easy for me to both film and edit so I feel really inspired that I can do a lot more of these because they were so fast. If you like watching them then I know I have an excuse to make loads more – cos I really want to do some more bright colours/different makeup to your average tutorials. Anyway let me know cos i’m still such a YouTube baby and I get really paranoid that my stuff is terrible so the feedback means loads to me!