So of course it has been London Fashion Week this last week/end just gone and it was a busy one! I took my camera along with me on the Monday to capture a day in the life of Fashion Week and actually half of it didn’t go to plan including being caught in a hailstorm and missing the Burberry private screening! So gutted. But actually this is very typical of LFW, plans change very quickly and it’s so hard to keep on top of!! It is so so much fun though and it’s for me a huge honour to be a BFC accredited blogger on their list and to attend the shows. It’s a bit of a dream come true, and I’ll forever be grateful that they let little old me in.
This video shows some of the catwalks at Fashion Scout and backstage with the Body Shop aswell as a little MAC Cosmetics makeover, lots of Lily and some of Leanne, and also the lowdown on what I wore on that day. I did attend some catwalks at Somerset House, but those are all blog posts waiting to happen.
Please do give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and if you want to see more vids from me hit the subscribe button on my channel by visiting here. It means a lot to me that you guys enjoy watching, i’m really getting into videos lately and it would be amazing to be able to carry on making them, of course it’s always made more possible with your support so hitting subscribe really does help. If you don’t im gonna carry on making videos anyway (ahah) but it’s always amazing to know people actually watch them! So very rewarding and I thank you all for watching, subbing, commenting and liking! You’re da best.
Also: I promise promise promise i’m gonna get back onto blogging and content making, as if its the 22nd September already and i’ve blogged like, twice. I hadn’t taken a holiday abroad all year though so my week in Cyprus was to relax, and then Fashion Week took a hold and now i’m in Center Parcs. Worlds most useless blogger, as always. I’ll be home tomorrow though and feeling refreshed and inspired and more raring and ready to go than ever, imma be on it like a car bonnet. If you have video suggestions leave them in the comments, i’m thinking of doing more Get Ready With Me vids, as well as vlogs and maybe a Come DJing With Me kind of thing? I’m not good like all the pro beauty vloggers though, I struggle to describe makeup/skincare well because i’m not a makeup or skincare expert, I just know what I like and what works for me. I’d never want to be preaching or telling people to buy things, and I have a real issue with being used like an advert for something, which is why the more casual get ready with me vids seem to work better for me, because the products are the ones i’m actually using. I don’t think after trying them that the product recommendation/chat vids are really for me, i’m not really that kind of girl and something about it didn’t sit right or work with me. I am feeling so much better about YouTube since I switched to more lifestyley stuff, and a more casual approach to makeup application etc. I really enjoyed making fashion vids previously, so I need to decide on a lookbook/fashion format (perhaps continuing in my music video style?) and that should be the kind of content you can expect from me. I wish I was better at makeup so I could do insane tutorials, but I might try giving some brighter/bolder/celeb inspired tutorials a go. WELL THIS TURNED INTO A RAMBLE. Please, leave thoughts below. Have a lovely Sunday, and i’ll see you next week!

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