The Wonder Foundation Less Than £15

Photography & Words: Zoe London


I can never find quite the right foundation. Never.

I’m still not convinced i’ve found the absolute ultimate foundation – but i’ve come close. With this. Let me introduce you to my new pal, the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. It’s achieved viral fame in those instagram videos you always click on because the thumbnail is baity, because the way you drop it on your face looks totally ridiculous. But there’s a reason for it, and i’ll get to that. I’m fussy with foundation, and I dithered for too long after this arrived before trying it. I regret that. Let me tell you more…


Okay so you do have to look a bit stupid to apply it.

As I mentioned above, it’s been the subject of a ton of those instagram videos because of the best way to apply it. So the applicator is a little pipette with a round edge, to make it prime for essentially ‘dropping’ onto your skin. I tried applying it straight to the beauty blender, I tried applying it onto my fingers, I tried it on the back of my hand. None work as well as dropping it onto your face. So silly! So you just take the pipette, place where you want the foundation and then blend using the beauty blender. Well, I think the beauty blender is the best for it anyway – it seems to glide on like a total dream with the use of it.

If you’re into a really heavy full coverage foundation, it won’t be for you.

It’s more water based, so naturally it’s more of a natural finish in foundation – which is perfect for me but I know not ideal for everyone. If you’re after something lightweight, easy to wear and with a medium coverage, you will fall head over heels in love with this as much as I have. For me it’s perfect, and its withheld through hot days abroad, cooler days at home, stressful days and running all over the city. The only thing I do find with it, is that by the end of a long day due to my combination skin, it has gone a bit shiny around my nose. I’m not really a fan of powder much, so I don’t mind too much the shine – I keep my Tarte Shape Tape concealer on me to just pat gently into the area to make it more matte/dewy and that works perfectly for me. If you’re wondering what shade I am, i’m currently shade 2. You can see below the palest shades with the palest nearer my hand being 1, the middle being 2 and the one closest to my body being 3. To be honest, the shade range is a bit strange because instead of fully going chronologically, it goes yellow and pink tones inbetween, so you can see that 2 and 3 are really similar, just one is more yellow toned and one is more pink toned. I’d recommend swatching in store. I think they should have renamed them like 1A & 1B to make it a bit easier, but that’s just high street makeup for you!

Before this, I had a right foundation nightmare.

I was using three foundations before mixed together to create my perfect base. Annoying! Fine when I was at home but travelling especially short haul was a nightmare having to carry three bottles! I was daydreaming of making my own concoction that would suit my needs when the NYX Total Control came into my life, and I was honestly blown away by how good it is. For me it ticks every box. I know foundation is so personal, but my skin is combination, not too acne prone but prone to breakouts (of course) and the NYX just works for me. I had a bad spell of eating junk food while on the go the other week, and a nasty spot reared it’s ugly head right in the middle of my cheek. You know the type. This foundation just totally covered it and got on with it’s day. When I then switched to the new Fenty Beauty one I had, it clung to all the dry skin around the spot – gross. This NYX foundation just seems to be the exact right amount of dew and the exact right amount of matte for my skin. I hope it works for you too!


The NYX Total Control Foundation retails at £14 from NYX, Boots and other online retailers. The shop widget using affiliate links above allows you to shop via various retailers. Mine was a PR gift sent for consideration but this does not affect my view. To find out more about this read my disclaimer.