The £6 Hair Mask That Saves Bleached & Dyed Hair


A high street hair mask that works wonders for bleached or processed locks!

Okay so homegirl has a few split ends right now – don’t judge me, I have not had time to get to the salon for the ol’ chop – but just look at how soft, silky, shiny and smooth my hair is in that top photo? I mean, bowled over. So I discovered the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask from Boots around two years ago, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally blog about it! It comes in a shiny metal tube, costs £6, and in my opinion is one of the best hair conditioning treatments available on the high street.



A true staple in my hair routine.

I’ve not been without one of these on the go since that discovery a few years ago. For me it’s such a great way to deep condition my hair once a week to keep it in the best condition it could possibly be. I think this really is more of a rescue and repair mask for damaged, processed, bleached or fried hair, and most likely not compatible with hair that’s a bit prone to being oily, or in no need for a real deep condition. It comes out of the tube really thick, and glides effortlessly over towel dried hair. Bleach recommend keeping it on the head for 10-20 minutes, so I combine mine with a face mask and a little soak in the tub.


I apply it starting a few inches from the top, and work it in downward.

So I don’t think this needs to go on the head right near the root, as I think it’d make for greasy locks. I apply mine a few inches from the top as you can see roughly where my hand is here, and I smooth it through the hair, gently working it through the mid section, lengths and my ends. I rub the ends through my fingers a few times just to really work it in and give it a proper conditioning. It feels thick, luxurious and washes out a total dream.


I find it leaves my hair smoother and less fried than before.

So it’s not a total miracle worker, and I think really over processed bleached hair needs a lot of love from several different products and care methods, but I firmly believe this little tube of happiness is one of the things that’s keeping my hair on my head, and keeping it in good condition. I really take a lot of time and pride in ensuring my hair looks the best it can even after sessions of bleach, and this product is just one of the ways I keep that up at home. For £6 it’s not the cheapest high street conditioner, but it’s worth it for the value you get out of how little you need, and even more worth it for the condition of hair you’re left with. Smitten is not the word. I’ll repurchase this until… well god forbid it never gets discontinued! Oh lord, off to bulk buy.

Let me know what you think of the Bleach Reincarnation Mask in the comments, do you use this yourself? Or will you head to Boots and pick one up for yourself? I’d love to know!

I’ll also do some more hair care posts if you’re curious to know what else I use on my hair… where to start..!