Taste of London 2015


A couple of weekends ago, Lily and I headed into Regents Park on a sunny Sunday for an afternoon at the Taste of London food festival. We were invited by Friends of Glass who also took me to Milan recently too, more on that later! They hooked us up with entry to the festival and we purchased ‘crowns’ (the currency of the day) to eat our way through London’s best restaurants and food products.
I actually thought the idea of the crowns was a little bit silly as it was a bit of a faff, also they were the biggest piece of paper and pretty unnecessary! Anyway they were £10 for a pack of 10, and seeing as most food was about 4-5 crowns for a taster plate, you definitely had to buy two or three packs! I actually ended up spending quite a bit, which maybe is how they get you with their sneaky crown system! We did donate our leftover crowns to charity at the end though, so all is not lost.
Lily is recently vegan, so she ate only vegan friendly food but I ate Mexican and also at Tredwells of Covent Garden too just because I couldn’t resist it after knowing how good it was visiting a few weeks ago as you can read here. In hindsight there were a few other new ones I wanted to try, but the whole crown thing and busy crowd was quite overwhelming and confusing so trying out the soft tacos was a new experience and then Tredwells was more familiar! I also had a strawberry margarita ice lolly that was so refreshing! 
There was so much to see from fresh fish, oils, drinks, cheese and bread, to brands showing their latest gadgets and online campaigns, just like Friends of Glass. They’ve got this really cool Taste Map going on their website right now which ‘maps’ the favourite tastes of everyone all over the world. It’s really interesting to see how it varies not only across Europe but within the countries too. For example the north of England ranks differently to the South, and the same in France/Germany etc too. We checked this out at their stand at Taste of London and you can do the same test that we did here
Anyway, Lily and I had a lovely day at Taste of London, enjoying food, drinks and the summer London sunshine. Personally, while I am a foodie, I don’t know whether I would come again, as the ticket price at the door is £25 with all the money you spend on food on the top – it does make for quite an expensive day! I think they should consider waiving the door fee to less, but then the place was packed full of families enjoying themselves so maybe it was just me who thought perhaps it was a bit steep!
I bought some amazing tea from T2 which i’ve already made into ice tea several times since purchasing, it’s absolutely beautiful and i’m so pleased I bought it! It’s also so nice to do something a bit different for a change, so major thanks to Friends of Glass for having Lily and I!