Swing by a Joshua Tree Sunset



Swing dresses in Joshua Tree.

You know, I shot these photos with George a good few months ago in May, but as you know time ran away with me and my passion for blogging back then wasn’t much good, so here we are now in August. For that I can only apologise. However, this striped off shoulder swing dress has been a firm favourite in all these months since then, and I couldn’t resist but upload these sun drenched golden hour shots. 


This original dress is from ASOS, but when I was shopping on Boohoo the other day, I spotted this very similar version, and it reminded me how much i’ve adored the original. It’s one of those items that feels lightweight enough to wear by itself, but not too exposing or self conscious in warmer weather. I also get a lot of comments on my channel when I wear it, asking where it’s from. So hopefully this Boohoo version or this In The Style version will be similar enough for anyone after something the same!


I knew I was going to love Joshua Tree.

Just how hard I fell for it, I wasn’t prepared for. On this particular day, we had arrived earlier in the afternoon from Los Angeles. The drive was about two and a half hours – although we made a pit stop on the way for some smoke bombs, more on those later – and it was a lovely hazy drive, slowly morphing from freeway roads to small, bumpy desert tracks. We stayed at a place called Twentynine Palms, a small town based on a long stretch of road that runs parallel to the Joshua Tree National Park. I booked an airbnb up in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and it was bliss. This is the one I booked.


Twentynine Palms was a blissful dream.

This night, we had an early dinner as we had skipped lunch on the drive, and we chose a little local restaurant called the 29 Palms Inn. Run by a lovely couple, they have a small hotel on site with a swimming pool and a fresh, local produce restaurant. George and I had three courses, and every single one was beautiful. The locals from the area were all very interested in this blue haired girl and her tattooed boyfriend with the English accents, and we sat outside by their pool with them talking about England as they told us about Joshua Tree and the music and art they created. We left with our bellies full and our hearts happy. It was on the drive back that we saw this golden sunset for the first time, and without a moment’s hesitation we stopped the car by the roadside and grabbed the camera.




Sometimes I feel bad for making George take photographs all the time, but well, I know he enjoys it (he really does) and it’s at times like these, a few months later, when I absolutely relinquish the fact that we captured that sunset moment to remember, and immortalise. Really even though this blog post is about the dress, the dress is irrelevant. For me the dress was the accessory to the moment, because it enhanced the memory by just being comfortable and feeling very me. I think that’s why I adore it, because it’s just one of those ‘throw on’ pieces that keeps you cool and feels cosy.



I think if I lived in Los Angeles, i’d take weekends away or holidays in Joshua Tree all the time. Not only is it just absolutely beautiful, the atmosphere is very different. It’s amazing to experience that as a tourist, and it’s only made me want to road trip around the USA even more than I already did. I think it’s really important to explore as much as possible outside of the main cities, because the US is such a big country with so much natural scenery to absorb and enjoy. I couldn’t recommend it more. I don’t think i’ve seen a sunset like it.