Photography – Rebecca Need-Menear

With Spring comes later sunsets, and a whole heap of new creativity.

I’ve been harsh on London in the past, fixated on America and it’s tall cities of grandeur, with photos that look other-worldly to someone from England, my home of London often falls by the wayside when planning content. I am so used to the sights, the shops and the city that I forgot about the beauty that lies within it. It’s taken me a while to remember how gorgeous our home is, and there’s no better time for it to shine than when the fresh sun of Spring begins to appear. I’ve started to venture out onto the streets I essentially grew up in on more, and to love and take photos closer to home.


London is such a vibrant city.

I love New York, and you know i’m head over heels for Los Angeles, but none seem as vibrant to me as London. In London people from all cultures, all races and all backgrounds come together as British, and we all live together sharing our food, music and way of life. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s one of the things I love the absolute most about London, it is truly what makes London so amazing. None other than China Town, which has this incredible display of lanterns left over from Chinese New Year. It’s pop of colour and culture offsets my black outfit perfectly, so Rebecca and I couldn’t resist a few snaps in the area and surrounding. I love Soho, it’s too easy to get lost down the side streets and distracted by pop ups of clothes and food.


I think sometimes we miss the life in front of our eyes.

I’m SO guilty of this, not appreciating what is in front of me. Different to wanderlust, which is totally acceptable, even though I spend all day daydreaming about going to amazing places to take photos and work on blog/video content, I forget how many amazing things there are on my doorstep. I did this so much growing up, we lived in surburban Cambridge and I hated it. It was so boring and there in my eyes was nothing – I always got on the train to London or even went into the city of Cambridge to do stuff. When I go back to our home now, I always find beauty in what is there as i’m seeing it with fresh eyes. It’s never going to the be the bright lights of Los Angeles, but there’s always beauty in everything. One of the nice things about spending years moving around London is that I see and get to know totally different areas. North is not remotely like South, and West is nothing near East. It’s amazing, and i’m so guilty of forgetting that and spending more time planning shoots in Los Angeles than I am planning shoots in London.



I’m wearing a reclaimed vintage ASOS shirt i’ve customised.

I always get so inspired by what the bloggers in the US are doing, and i’ve seen this huge trend to cutting tees up into new and interesting shapes. I love how Rachel from Jaglever for example always cuts up her jumpers and tees, and I decided to add to this already customised Ramones tee by chopping out the neck into a choker style. This tee is actually really long, and can be worn over shorts/tights for a totally different look – and if you’re shorter than I, as a dress. I tucked mine into some ripped up jeans to add to the customised look, and accessorised with sunglasses as it was such a sunny day! I’m also wearing some of my new Adidas trainers, I have the soft grey Gazelles’ and i’m in love with them.


Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more hidden London gems through my outfits and on this blog. I’d really love to know what you’d like to know about London, seeing as it’s been my home for 10 years officially this year, I know it pretty well.

Let me know what you think in the comments of this gorgeous photoset from the very talented Rebecca and if this outfit is something you’d wear! I’d love to see if you customise your band tees like this too, so do be sure to tweet me pics! I’ve just hit 60k followers on Twitter and it’s the best way to start a new week, so thank you so much for the love and for your continued support! Also, I *love* bumping into you all on the streets of London so if you do spy me please say hi!