spring colour sunday

Happy Sunday all! I hope you are all well and thanks again for subscribing, it means the world to me! I don’t want this blog to turn into a list of things I buy but you’ll come to learn (if you’ve not already) that I bloody love shopping! Dont we all, come on. Hehe. Anyway I promise i’ve written some other posts just need to take the photos. Looking to do more clothing posts and eye looks. Let me know if theres anything you really want to see, or enjoy reading on this blog. Your feedback helps me improve!

So I actually bought the MAC stuff on Thursday when Spring Colour Forecast hit stores – yes, I went straight from Wimbledon after work at 5 to Carnaby St by 6 – phew – and I picked up the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre, a 219 brush and an empty 4 pan palette. Not the most exciting of MAC trips I’m afraid but the Ripe Peach blush excited me so much i’ve waited until today to use it! For some reason I wanted the first time I swatched it to be for The London Lipgloss. I love sharing exciting make up things with you ladies!

Ripe Peach Blush Ombre (I know the background is actually Too Fabulous but I loved the card!)
l- r – palest part, swirled all round, darkest part

It’s gorgeous. I can’t even explain how beautiful it is in real life, i am over the moon I bought it. I own a fair bit of MAC but only one blush and it’s Tippy from the Hello Kitty collection so this is a brilliant investment for me personally. A wearable peach that compliments my NC15 (or more like NC10) skin.

 I bought an empty 4 pan palette, honestly just because one day I went a bit loopy and bought Trax (pictured) in a pan instead of a pot?! God knows why. So it was just kicking around my make up storage in the little box they came in and thoroughly annoying me every time I looked. It was getting massively neglected as well. Thing is, I have more than enough pot eyeshadows to depot into a 15 pan but I’m so unsure whether to do it or not! So if I do i’ll remove Trax and keep this one just for travel. Either way I had to store Trax somewhere because it was driving me bonkers! Silly, right?
Then I bought the 219 Pencil brush. I already have the 213 and 217 (aswell as the 168) and i’m slowly but surely trying to build my collection of MAC brushes when I see fit. I was grumbling in my last eye post I didnt own a good crease brush and I felt it was time to buy this one i’ve wanted for so long!
Can anyone recommend a good cheap place to buy brush rolls? The numbers on mine are rubbing off worse from being thrown in and out of a standing up pot I swear!

And today I picked up this necklace from Urban Outfitters. In the sale from £23 to £4.99?! Can’t argue with that.

My boy swears by the Dark Angels face cleanser from Lush so I took this as the perfect opportunity to grab one of the Space girl bath bombs. Review later!

top to bottom – Peko chocolates (Japan), Mario Kart chocolate eggs (Holland), Whopper Balls (USA), Ghirardelli chocolate bars (USA), Caramel Kit Kat (Japan)

And all these goodies from Cyber Candy! Cyber Candy is a sweetie shop that sells candies and chocolates from all over the world. I am in lust with America (I honestly feel like my life at the moment is all priming and planning for a future over there) and so of course I get a little US fix from this shop! As well as loving Hello Kitty and Japan, this store ends up getting a lot of my money! Gotta love London for little gems like this.

So yet another cheeky and naughty shopping post. Gosh I am dreadful. What have you all been up to this week? Can someone please let me know if either Hush, Hush Rose Lipglass or Gold Dust lipglass from SCF are worth purchasing? Did you buy Ripe Peach? If not which Blush Ombre did you buy? Or did you feel it was overrated? Let me know! 🙂
See you later in the week! Z xoxox