So, I Did Rainbow Hair


Photography by George J Rockett.

So I did some rainbow hair.

I’ve been asked so many times, requested in comments and generally in conversation the following: “So do you think you’ll ever do rainbow hair?” I’ve been wanting to, but not sure how for a long time. A few months ago I was pitched an idea from Hasbro, looking after My Little Pony, and wanting to collaborate on some content together. I immediately knew what to do…


You absolutely can do it yourself at home, but it’s a level 4 difficulty!

I’m all for DIY hair. I’ll always encourage this. Experiment with your appearance, your own little temple. Create whatever you want to, and be who you want to be. Hair dyes are easier than ever to get hold of now, and this makes creating hair yourself even easier, too. I see painting my hair as I would paint on canvas. It is living art, a human expressionist form of paint, colour and swirls of different shades coming to life. With that in mind, I set about, gloves on and little pots of paint ready to go – and began creating my masterpiece.


I genuinely find painting my hair theraputic.

I love creating hair dye art because for me it’s therapy. It’s a few hours a month where i’m by myself, with music, just bringing my vision to life. That’s why i’d always recommend it. For this look, I pre-bleached and lightened my hair first before heading in with the dye, so it was a long days work. It was also quite tricky to section off all this hair myself, and put each colour on without it bleeding or blending too much. What’s the trick? Well, without foils, in my opinion, it’s conditioner.


Section off each bit of the hair slowly and carefully.

Paint the sections different colours as you go, and I picked mine at random. As you can see, it turned out with one side being more purple/pink, and the other being more yellow/pink, but I kinda like that. It felt more spontaneous and less ‘planned’ to do it this way. So where are we at now? Well, I very quickly learned that rainbow hair is pretty much impossible to maintain. It’s not seen every day, because it’s not an easy hair style to keep up, at all.


I had to keep it secret for nearly a week.

So i’d dyed my hair about 7 days before the video actually went live, as it was a collaboration video the brand needed to see it all and it had to be run past my management first. This for me also happened to fall on one of the busiest weeks i’ve had in ages, meaning I couldn’t create and stockpile a bunch of content for future before it all inevitably fades out. Perhaps a little optimistic of me, I thought it would last a bit longer than well, it has. It’s currently half washed out, and the pink completely came out, so I had to redo that again today. Luckily the purple/blue bits are dead stubborn, so they’ve stayed, but the yellow is looking a little washed out and in general it’s all a bit more pastel than it was when I did it in these photos here. Devastating.


I wish I could keep it for longer, but I just can’t.

This level of upkeep is so much. Too much. Already a week in and i’m going over it, and contemplating going over the yellow tomorrow (today, as you read this) too. So while I love this look, i’m sad to say it’s not going to stick around for much longer. The pink fades in about 5 days, the purple/blue sticks around for a month and the yellow fades in about 8 days, so it makes a bit of a mess on the ends as it’s all washing out at different times! I’m also so bad for needing my hair to feel ‘clean’ so I have to keep shampooing it in my normal routine, which is 3 times a week. This is not my friend right now! But with a fringe especially I just can’t live with dirty hair – it drives me insane!

It should be with you for another week, and I think i’ll then have to put it a very pink toned purple for our trip to Miami a week tomorrow. So this post is really a bit of an ode to how beautiful this rainbow hair is, how happy I was that I did it, and I hope you love it too. Maybe next year it’ll come back for a festival, but the upkeep on this is too much for me! Let me know what you think in the comments, and check out the full tutorial by clicking here.