The US Polish Worth The Cult Status


Introducing Smith & Cult Nail Polish.

I’d been introduced to Smith & Cult by Jen about a year ago, and I just immediately fell for the look of the polishes. Encased in a thick, gold round pot, they are an absolute statement piece. Just beautiful. They’re made by Dineh Mohajer, the Iranian born Californian woman behind Hard Candy, old school bright beauty brand from the 90s. Dineh totally led trends in nail polish back then with Hard Candy, and for a new beauty era she’s transformed her skills into Smith & Cult, another brand looking to replicate the same success. It’s had somewhat ‘cult’ (yup) status in the US for a couple of years, and is readily available here in the UK, but has been a bit slower off the ground generating the same buzz.

smith6I chose shade Filth Noir.

I did a little Cult Beauty haul because well life is too short to not try the things that bring you happiness, and as i’d lusted after a Smith & Cult polish for so long, I treated myself. Filth Noir is a deep luxe purple, and weirdly just looking for it on Cult Beauty now about 10 days after making my initial order – it seems to have disappeared. Not sure if I snagged the last one or not… but¬†worry not as the link above takes you to Net-A-Porter where this particular shade is available. I’ve also included three other shades i’m lusting over wanting too…ugh please!


Anyway, it looked so different from my other purples.

I’m a bit of a nail polish junkie. I can’t resist a new nail polish if I see one – admittedly this is an expensive splurge to my usual high street polish pick ups – but I couldn’t see a purple I already owned that looked quite like this. It’s deep, rich and has a sort of plum meets royal purple vibe about it. I fell head over heels as soon as I saw it, and even though it was a hard choice between all the beautiful Smith & Cult colours, this one made it into my basket. At ¬£19, it wasn’t cheap. I was eager to see if it was worth the price tag.



It didn’t apply easily, but settled beautifully.

This polish needed three coats, which I think is a bit excessive and also more time consuming than i’d like. I prefer a good two coater. Filth Noir in particular here really needed three coats to ensure it was this lovely rich colour, otherwise it was a little patchy. However, it’s worth the effort as it’s such a thick, high shine finish that I just love. It also seems to last well on my nails, whilst keeping them looking strong and pretty. I’m besotted with the colour, even if it took me a bit longer than normal to paint and also was a bit of faff putting on three coats, the colour pay off is so worth it.



It’s a bit of an Autumn shade if we’re being technical, but i’m drawn to darker hues on my nails all year round, so Filth Noir suits me just fine. I’m in love with how multi faceted and deeply rich this thick purple shade is, and even though it’s definitely a treat polish – it’s a beautiful one at that, and one that I do think is worth the price tag – even if it does seem a little steep. This is one to keep on display!

I hate forming expensive habits but oh my am I in love with Smith & Cult. I find myself lusting over almost every single shade on the website, as they all look so unique and a little special compared to your usual shades. The packaging is absolutely to die for, and if you enjoy the process of painting your nails as much as I do – even if it can be a little time consuming – this polish makes you feel a million dollars from application down to finish.

I’m not a gels kinda girl, so this is my kind of hi shine. I’d love to know what you think in the comments of Smith & Cult, and whether it’s something you’d try! I know it’s a little pricey, but it’d make a lovely gift – or a cute treat to yourself.