How To Save Lips From Constant Liquid Lipstick


Products that help fix the dryness caused by liquid lipsticks.

I’m a liquid lipstick addict. I love the stuff. It’s always either in my bag, in my pocket, on my lips or in my general vicinity at all times – especially during party season! The problem is that during winter, liquid lipsticks can be especially harsh on already dry lips. This doesn’t make for a happy combo, so here i’m gonna show you five super powered products that are about to become bffs with your favourite liquid lipstick! I think a good lip saving treatment requires good exfoliation as well as moisture locking, and all five of these have been cherry picked by me – because i’ve been trying them out for months and loving them! Let’s go…



The Scrubs.

LUSH – Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Ciate – Scrub Stix*

So when you’re applying liquid lipstick a lot, your dry lips are going to start cracking and shredding the top layer of skin. Super pleasant, right? It’s great to keep exfoliating lips so they stay soft, supple and happy during winter – when the harsh cold weather can make them feel worse. I’m a long time fan of LUSH’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub, it smells like Snow Fairy (those who know – know) and it does the job perfectly. Granted, it’s dead easy to make yourself at home – I actually did a video on a DIY at home version you can watch here – but the LUSH one is great fun and always unbeatable in terms of scent. I find you can remove your liquid lipstick with this, exfoliating and using the natural oils present to cleanse and remove the lipstick. It’s a bit of an all rounder, this little pink pot of joy! Ciate’s offering is a bit more portable and less messy, the LUSH lip scrubs tend to go everywhere – but it’s not always easy to use. Ciate’s Scrub Stix offers up a different solution, for busy people on the go and for a softer daily exfoliation. I use it as a moisturising scrub, that I know I can reach for more often than the Lip Scrub. I think they’re both pretty nifty, and both serve up different uses – that I know will suit different wants and needs.



The Heavy-Duty Treatments

MAC Lip Conditioner*

Elizabeth Arden Portable 8 Hour Lip Balm*

After a good exfoliation, you wanna set your lil lips up for a good nights sleep. Much as you would with your skincare, you want to get the most out of your beauty sleep with your beauty regime. I’ve been loving using the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm, which is actually a World Duty Free exclusive. It’s about £7 and I picked mine up from Heathrow airport back in the Summer. I know that might seem frustrating, but just pop it on your airport list and remember to pick it up next time you pass by, and you’ll soon be in lip heaven. I’ve been using this since the Summer as an overnight lip treatment, and as with the original 8 Hour cream, a little goes a long way. You only need the smallest amount spread across your lips to ensure by morning time you’re in your happy place, and for me this has worked absolute wonders. I love this little thing and I couldn’t be without it on my bedside table now! Another cult classic is MAC’s Lip Conditioner, which does a similar job, but in a squeezy tube form. Again, a little goes a long way and it’s thick just like the 8 Hour balm. I include this because I know dipping fingers into pots isn’t everyone’s jam, and I find the Lip Conditioner easier and more user friendly to stick in my suitcase for travel. It’s also the most similar product i’ve found to the 8 Hour lip balm of dreams, so if you’re not passing by an airport any time soon and need one tomorrow, this one will do the job for you! Both of these two have absolutely saved my lips after liquid lipsticks on several occasions!



Finally, The Ultimate Bae.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil*

Oh my god. This little thing. I love the darn thing. First up, it has THE softest applicator in the history of lip products – no idea what it is or what it’s made from but it feels like silk coated in a fresh basket of puppies. It’s the best. I often find myself just rubbing it over my lips for an extra minute or two when applying! Oops. I discovered this last winter and it’s been in my handbag more or less ever since. I usually use the Honey version, which is an orange/clear product, but as all the other ones in these shots were pink, I opted to show you the Red Berry version, which leaves a very very slight red tint on the lips. This version smells delightful, but a little synthetic, so if you prefer it toned down – the Honey version is the one for you. For me, this is the ultimate all rounder lip product in that it soothes with the soft applicator, softens with the formula and when left on overnight, leaves me with the softest, happiest lips. It’s a reasonable price point and I often wear it out as a lip product on days when my lips really need a break from liquid lipsticks. Therefore it wins the crown for me as the Ultimate Bae in lip softening, and I really think you will love it too. When I look at my handbag of products that have stood the test of time, get thrown in with me every day and taken in the little flight emergency kit – this one is always there. That, for me, is a true winner.

What do you think of these liquid lipstick / winter lip savers? Let me know in the comments!