Rebel At Heart

Photography: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Thomas Sabo.


There’s no better way to encapsulate how you feel and how you want to come across than in a statement piece of jewellery.

Ever since I can remember being into punk and rock music as a kid, I always wanted to wear jewels that represented how I felt. It’s not just a fashion thing, it’s a state of mind. You feel like you can take on the world, like you’re in your true skin and this is the real you. I fell head over heels for the Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart collection, and thought i’d share a couple of my picks from the range today.

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Music is always at the core of what I do. I have a very visual brain, that seems to work based on the music I hear. As soon as I hear a track I identify with, I can see clear visuals in my head. This is how I make most of my YouTube videos, and being surrounded by live music is really important to me. Ever since I was about 14, I was sneaking out of the house to head to local gigs, just to absorb the atmosphere, the vibe and the air of a live music show.

I’m a DJ by night, having done so in many dive bars just like this one pictured since 2012. I feel at home here. With usually a very small booth to work from, the floor jumping from the amount of people in the room, and the walls sweating alive with music and people, it feels like home. I’ve spent so many of my saturday nights in bars just like this, playing rock n roll to the oldies in Camden, and hip hop to the kids in Brixton, and honestly? There’s nowhere else i’d rather be.


I’m a rebel at heart, and my jewellery reflects that. Both these pieces are symbolic to me, the ring I chose in the same gold to compliment my engagement ring, and the statement necklace of my dreams with a dagger that perfectly matches George’s tattoo – the tattoo I bought him, in LA. You’d take a glance at me, and spy the pieces, but not know the full story, and I love that. I love that jewellery can do that, it can say a thousand words when you can’t. It’s a family heirloom waiting to happen, it’s a piece of personal history and it’s so special to me.

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