pure turquoise and my modest nail varnish collection

Hey there! How are you doing? Sorry for the gap in posts, been snowed under a horrible 3500 essay! Done now, thankfully.
Ooh look at me, a mid afternoon post! So nice to have some time on my hands. Speaking of things on my hands, this is a little post dedicated to my new favourite polish – Barry M’s Pure Turqouise. Now, I am very scared of colour and gradually getting it back into my life – yes, even on nails! You’ll see in my nail varnish collection post that I stick to pinks/blues/dark reds&purples. Never in a million years would I normally go for such a bold colour. But, I picked it up on a whim and I actually love it! Been getting compliments all day. Oh how superb your polish is, Barry!

And because I know you’re all just as nosey/obsessed as me, here is my first ever “collection” photograph post..I have a very small nail varnish collection compared to a lot of other beauty bloggers but I love every single one of my polishes dearly. I am still after some new OPIs..just Enchanted Beauty Stop has so many and i’m dreadfully indecisive I never know which one to go for :(. Generally I love nail varnish and a new one in particular but I spend more of my money on make up rather than nails. But i’m pleased with the ones I gots 😀 lucky I am. 
All photos are from http://thelondonlipgloss.blogspot.com and are not to be distributed anywhere else :).
Zoya is my favourite brand, just can’t always afford. I love my one OPI and my one Kitty MAC :). I love GOSH and it’s affordability. 🙂 If anyone wants the names of any of them, let me know.What is your favourite Barry M polish, am I missing a gem? I know i’ve asked before and I read all the suggestions but I am so unsure about a new OPI…tell me one you LOVE?! 
Zoe xo
ps. I can’t stop listening to Devils Spoke – Laura Marling…