Pumpkin Patch


Photography by George J Rockett.

Picking pumpkins at a pumpkin patch.

We didn’t really do anything massively Halloween themed last year as it was such a stressful time moving house. I found the whole time last year I wasn’t really feeling the Halloween spirit and couldn’t do much other than packing up the house into boxes to even consider it. It was also quite a tough time for us family wise due to my Nan passing away around this time – and her birthday is on Halloween. So, I felt determined to make this year a better year and this started with doing some cute little things – first up, visiting a pumpkin patch!


The humble pumpkin patch is quite an American thing I think.

We don’t really see a lot of pumpkin patches in the UK and I think it’s because it’s considered to be more popular in America than here. But that aside, i’m so glad it’s started getting more popular here, too. We found a really cute little one near us, and headed in to film another episode of the Style Diaries for my channel – and pick up a couple of pumpkins!



There really is something so pretty about seeing so many pumpkins.

I don’t really massively like the actual taste of pumpkins, but I do really think there is nothing more autumn looking than the turning of the trees going red and the warm orange of pumpkins on people’s doorsteps. It reminds me of the scattering of pumpkins I saw all over New York City when we visited this time around Halloween two years ago. It just looked so warming and beautiful to see those yellow/orange/red tones everywhere and I loved it.


As soon as I saw this cape, it was love.

I originally bought this cape for Disneyland Paris, but unfortunately it wasn’t the best choice as 1. it was a lot colder than I had planned, and 2. it doesn’t really work with a backpack – which is all I had with me to carry my things. So it had to stay in my case for the duration of the trip, and as soon as we got back I wanted to take it out so badly! Luckily, pumpkin picking doesn’t require a backpack, so it was the perfect coat for the job. It’s one thing to think about though – capes only really work with either handheld bags or small cross body bags! I totally forgot. Fail.



I’m really enjoying shooting The Style Diaries.

If you haven’t seen The Style Diaries over on my YouTube channel you can check the latest one out by clicking here. They’re basically 2 minutes of a little visual music video style piece of fashion film centred around my favourite outfit of the day. I really love doing outfit posts on my blog and instagram, and I had been thinking for ages about a way to bring them to life. I decided on The Style Diaries, so i’m so happy i’m already on episode three and they’re going down a storm! It takes a lot of brain power thinking about a song I shoot the video around, with specific shots as well as snappy, interesting editing – and one of the hardest things of all – deciding where to actually shoot!


As I said earlier, Halloween is a bittersweet time for us.

This year i’m heading to see Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco and Enter Shikari on actual Halloween tomorrow, but of course the memories of last year will always be in my mind. I love seeing what everyone is up to on Halloween though, and seeing all the costumes on Facebook is so fun! I’ve felt a lot more part of it this year, with making my three Boots tutorials and generally just being about to see everything has been so nice. I hope you have a happy Halloween wherever you are and what you do, and I can highly recommend a little trip to your local pumpkin patch!

Let me know what you thought of this look and the cape in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the episode of the Style Diaries over on my YouTube channel!