opi for alice in wonderland in absolutely alice review

Hii! So I was so very excited to receive a belated Valentines Day gift from my boyfriend today which was one of the OPI Nail Varnishes from the Alice in Wonderland collection. I am over the moon! It is the shade Absolutely Alice. Apologies if you have seen a lot of these reviews pop up, let me know if this wasn’t very useful or if you still like to see posts on popular items.

Now i’m quite intimidated by OPI, i’ve never seen a nail polish range with simply so many shades. If anyone knows of a seriously decent website that has swatched a lot of them please let me know – although the OPI website is very good, I can’t get on with their little nail bar thing (fussy, right!) Anyway i’ve not delved into their collection before. I have often watched their demonstrations on QVC and there are so many things of theirs that interest me. If you’ve tried Chip Skip, or Nail Envy please let me know your thoughts! And of course recommend me a shade – I do wear almost any colour.

close up of the bottle – in certain light it looks deep blue with silver reflects (sorry about messy application)

So i’m not entirely sure whether a chunky glitter polish was a good start to OPI but oh my the colour is gorgeous. However I did find it a little hard to work with – it honestly dried so quickly and kinda went all over my fingers in the process! I wouldn’t call myself a nail expert or even good at nail painting but I literally cannot go a single day without colour on my nails so i’m fairly used to polish. I hope. Absolutely Alice is a perfect bold Alice blue with gold reflects although when artificial light catches it it does look silvery too.

under a bright artificial light
As you can see there is an abundance of glitter. It is beautiful. Every single way you turn your nails reflects are caught in the light and bounce off – much to my delight. Even as i’m looking at my nails now typing the glitter is so, so sparkly.
click to enlarge (my middle nail broke earlier – sob)
Because of the huge glitter content once this polish has been applied – and I applied two coats – it can feel a little rough, almost matte. I actually finished mine with two thin layers of top coat just to ensure the nail felt smooth to the touch.
it’s so so glittery!
The brush is fairly wide and I did struggle to paint my little finger nail without getting it all over me. Actually I did get it all over me but it was probably because I was so excited to put it on..! My favourite nail varnish brand is Zoya which has a slightly thinner, more concentrated brush. Although the OPI made application quicker, I have very small nails on my little finger especially and I felt it a little difficult to navigate with. I am still new to OPI and I do think after a few more practises it will become easier but on the offset I did struggle.

Such a unique blue glitter
Big sized bottle
Handle is super easy to grip
Dries quickly

Brush too wide (although may be personal to me)
Quite hard to layer quickly and evenly
Needs a good shiny smooth top coat to even out the glitter

If you are interested in buying this polish my partner bought it from www.radiantbabe-beauty.co.uk for £6.99. 

Overall, the shade of this polish is gorgeous and i’m proud in my boyfriend for picking such a lovely shade – although it has been in my bookmarks for a while so I wonder where he got the inspiration from – heh! I would be interested in trying this shade over other blue bases just to see how it works. Roll on the Alice in Wonderland release – big fan of Tim Burton.

Do you own this polish? What do you think of OPI? Can you recommend me an OPI shade to try next? Or do you think OPI is overrated and theres a better brand I should invest in? Spill all the beans! I love to receive comments.
Lots of love, Z xo