Online Shopping at Charlotte Tilbury


Online shopping from Charlotte Tilbury.

I think it’s easy when you’re a beauty blogger to get swept up in samples, that often arrive in slightly crushed packaging or random envelopes, to forget how nice it is when you order something and how it arrives. Earlier today my order from Charlotte Tilbury arrived, and it felt like such a lovely purchase that I wanted to share with you the online ordering process, and also how it arrives – with a myriad of free samples, too!


So Charlotte Tilbury isn’t a brand I normally work with, but I am just smitten with their products. An invoice came in and I decided to treat myself to a couple of pieces I’d wanted for a while. A month or so ago, I went into the store and picked up the new Hot Lips Lipstick in Very Victoria, and had started making a mental wishlist of other things I wanted to try out. I hadn’t had a chance to get back in to Covent Garden to visit the store, so I placed the order online – and i’ve never done this direct from their website before.

It was so easy to navigate, and the foundation had this kinda interesting foundation matcher that helped you work out which one was best for your skin type and also your skin tone. I’d not been sure whether I was a 1 or a 2 in shades for the Magic Foundation, but the website looked really true to life and therefore I picked shade 1. Very pleased to report that I have tried shade 1 all over my face this afternoon – and it is the perfect shade match. I’m so impressed!


So because I know you’re curious, here’s what I picked up.

I won’t really delve into the products themselves too much as i’ve only literally unwrapped them, and tried the Magic Foundation on my skin to see if the shade matched. I picked up the Magic Foundation as I mentioned in a shade 1, and I also got a Colour Chameleon Pencil in the shade Bewitching Black – which is a matte black shade. I also got the much coveted Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, as it’s loved by a lot of my friends as the perfect nude.


As you go to checkout, you’re given a huge option of samples to choose from.

I’ve never seen this before on a beauty website so do correct me if i’m wrong, but bar the eyeshadows and other difficult to sample items, there was a huge list of things I could choose two of to try as a sample. I picked The Retoucher, as I used to use it ages ago and I want to remember if it’s as good as I loved before, and I also picked a sample of her Magic Night Cream. As the new fragrance Scent Of A Dream has only just been released, there was a little capsule of that too. There was also a little key charm and ribbon, which I think is just the cutest little attention to detail!

So I ordered all this stuff week and it came really quickly, and then to come with all those lovely samples too – i’m impressed to say the least. I’d never shopped direct at Charlotte Tilbury before, and i’d now happily recommend it to anyone. As for the things I got, i’m sure they will be featuring in videos and blog posts soon, so keep an eye out! What do you think of her online store?