NYX Cosmic Metals


Meeting the new NYX Cosmic Metals.

I’m sure some of you are familiar with cult US drugstore brand NYX, which has made it’s way over to the UK in the last year. If not, don’t worry, today i’m going to show you an epic brand new product that’s been added to the line in the last month. NYX basically started life as a small brand out of LA, with a mission to bring pro style makeup to US drugstores. In 2014 it was acquired by L’Oreal, and grew even wider worldwide. It’s fully cruelty free – yes, despite L’Oreal being a parent company, PETA states NYX to be still under it’s original ethos of being completely cruelty free and vegan – great news for those whom this is an important factor for. So, cruelty free and mega affordable, it’s quickly crept into a lot of makeup bags across the UK, starting to cement itself as a new favourite brand.


Today however, i’m just showing you their newest release – the Cosmic Metals*. In my swatches l-r, we have: Speed Of Light, Solar Energy, Fusion Fuchsia, Asteroid Aura, Ultraviolet, Comets Tail, Celestial Star, Out Of This World, Electromagnetic, Dark Nebula, Extraterrestrial and Galactic. Phew! They’re currently exclusively retailing online, on ASOS, Feel Unique, Selfridges and Boots online for £7 each. I’ve popped a link to all for your choice down below. Despite Boots just being online from what i’ve seen myself looking in stores, I have every faith at some point they will also come to Boots instore.


In the above picture, i’m wearing Galactic.

It was quite hard to cherry pick a handful to recommend to you as standout shades, but Galactic had to be one. If you’re a makeup nerd like me, you may have seen that fairly recently Kylie Jenner as part of her Kylie Cosmetics launch released a similar shade, called Dead of Knight. It’s a sparkly metallic finished grey black, and there really was nothing like it. Now, Kylie Cosmetics is not only difficult to get hold of when it launches, but is very expensive. As soon as I saw Galactic, I knew it’d be a perfect dupe. Not only is it only £7, but it’s available on the high street, which for dark / unusual lip lovers is just a real rare treat.


Up next, it’s Speed of Light.

When have you ever seen such a beautiful rose gold lipstick? For me, I was in love immediately. I’m so quick at the minute to reach for my matte nudes, but with the holiday season coming up – it’s been lovely to switch to a rose gold shade. Speed of Light is one of those shades I think will look so beautiful on every single skin tone, and that’s partially why I think it’s a must-have from this range. It’s also very flattering, and so pretty. As you can see in my pictures, i’ve paired all of my Cosmic Metals with a very plain – barely there yet slightly shiny – eye, and that really compliments such a shiny lip.


And lastly for my hall of fame – it’s Ultraviolet.

So first up, shout out to my blue/purple haired guys and gals – this one is so complementary for our hair shade. Not only is it the perfect pal for a purple haired vixen, it’s going to look so stunning on dark skin tones, too. Ultraviolet is great because it has undertones of blue, grey and purple, meaning it’s a bit more muted than the other brights in this range – especially Asteroid Aura, which is a very bright purple pop. For blondes though, those brights are going to look spectacular. For me, I adore how muted grunge cool the metallic shine of Ultraviolet is, and that makes it a total winner.

Of course I know you’ll have your own personal preferences on shades, but in my humble opinion those three are definitely ones to stick on your radar if you’re after a metallic liquid lipstick!


Finally, the formula.

So while these are a liquid based lipstick, they are a little different to your usual liquid lipstick. Being metallic, they don’t dry down matte, and they also don’t dry down fully. They’re a really thick formula, that apply to the lips easily. However, I found the more I ‘went over’ where I had applied, the less vibrant and more patchy they got. So you need a steady confident hand to try and apply all in one go for the best results. However they didn’t bleed on my lips at all, nor smudge. Now if you’re a matte liquid lipstick kinda person, these might feel a little heavier on the lips than you’d like, but they’re certainly not uncomfortable to wear. They do come off a little bit onto cups and when eating, but not a huge amount. Some of the darker shades also leave behind a bit of colour residue on the lips, too – worth noting!

For me I think the formula is good. It’s not my absolute favourite, but it’s also not unwearable. To me it just feels like a regular lipgloss, and actually not even as annoying as a lipgloss because it’s sticky, but not annoyingly so. At just £7, with there being Kylie Cosmetic dupes in there, as well as being vegan/cruelty free – these for me are a complete win. I’m so grateful for NYX coming over and shaking up our UK high street beauty shopping, I think we’re going to see a lot of really colourful, unique and beautiful makeup in the coming years. Viva la NYX!

Will you be picking any of these up? Let me know in the comments!


*This denotes a product that was sent as PR sample free for consideration.