monthly favourites – march 2010

*Smacks hand* late. Very late. If this were an assignment i’d have failed big style. Luckily I trust you are all much more forgiving than that *does puppy dog eyes* ! Either way I’m sorry i’ve just got round to my March favourites now. So, lets go..

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Toner Spritzer
This is kinda a permanant favourite of mine, and it’s so very close to running out. I use it like a substitute for Fix + by MAC, although to be fair I never owned Fix + and therefore comparing it is a little pointless, but for me it does the same job. Also i’ve been put off by Fix + as i’ve heard it’s just glorified water?! Well this primes my skin for a smooth foundation application and also refreshes my makeup throughout the day and hydrates. As you can see mine is only a little baby version, it’s my second one. My friend is a member of a posho exclusive club called Shoreditch House (as well as Paris Hilton, Girls Aloud, Ronaldo etc – she is lucky, it’s incredible!!) and they often hold Liz Earle events there for the members (as far as I know). She’s got a fair amount of the stuff already so gave me some kindly. I am definitely going to repurchase this one, not only does it smell divine i genuinely feel it’s making a difference in my skincare routine. Thumbs up, Liz Earle!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Cleanser
Okay so I bought this a while back, probably around last December. I went on a bit of a skincare spending spree. I’d found some things that worked for me and pretty much bought the entire range! I love the wipes version of this so thought i’d be ethical and try the bottled cleanser instead of tipping my money down a wipes drain. I used it a couple times but as I was using the 2 in 1 face wash at the same time as the wipes I got confused as to which was actually making a difference. I went back a month ago and tried this cleanser again. Now, it’s a bit odd. It really burns my eyes when I rub it on my cheeks (I don’t go anywhere near my eyes with it) and it tingles my skin all over. After about 5 minutes these sensations are gone. I’ve had a few rogue pimples pop up out of nowhere this week especially and i’ve since used this twice a day and actually felt the spots go before they could surface. Teamed with the 2 in 1 wash (I mentioned that here) it’s working an absolute treat on my skin and i’m loving it! I have combination/oily skin.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush
This is my new favourite brush, maybe ever. Okay, too far but it’s a great brush. I’ve been using it as a crease brush, a top lid liner, an under lid liner for smudgey, smokey eyes and generally to create smooth, precise lines. It picks up just the right amount and it’s super easy to use. I’d definitely recommend this one. I know MAC have so many eye brushes it’s hard to know which ones are essential and which are just nice-to-haves. I took it right back to basics and just slowly replaced my old brushes with MAC ones (as the quality is excellent) and I feel this one is one that should be included in your brush roll. I’ve reached for it almost everyday and I heart it!

(this picture doesn’t match, argh! but it was dirty and i took this when i bought it  >.<)

Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter
This product is so nice sometimes my boyfriend nicks it – true story! It’s very thick and moisturizing, I like to use it just after the shower or before bedtime. It;s good for feet, hands, legs, elbows and everything in between. Not only that but it has that gorgeous Soap and Glory smell to it as well. I got it at Christmas in the smaller hatbox and it’s lasted really well so far, doesn’t feel nowhere near empty at all!

Oh and my favourite piece of jewellery ? I’ve not put this down since I bought it.. but it was only last week. cheeky cheeky!!!

So what’s coming up for me in (the rest of) April?
Collaboration with my friends AITC and GK working on my giant make up graffiti piece..we’ve got a warehouse in London to spray, cut and cover in lipstick so I fully intend to spend a few evenings down there cutting and pasting. As I said last month i’ll let you know if any of you are interested in coming and seeing the finished piece or have any ideas for pieces I can include, get in touch. I don’t want to write too much on here really because it’s public domain and i’m forever terrified someone will nick my idea and do it better. Paranoid?..

No photo gig plans as of yet, i’ve concentrated all my efforts on working festivals now, i’m already photographing Camden Crawl which is my only confirmation if you plan on going? I got turned down for Groezrock – gutted but we live and learn, next year they’ll get it harder and better! Don’t want to say too much about other festivals, incase I don’t get and then I look like a maaaaassive fool!

Errmmm..probably gonna play some xbox..  jokes.

My mum’s birthday was this weekend just gone, my dads is at the end of April – another great excuse to get down to Cambridge, yippee!

I have to find a work placement for my final part of Uni, buh! If you’re interested in taking me on…

To be honest, getting out in that sunshine, taking evening strolls around London!

Do more art. I don’t do nearly enough and I need to. Give me a good kick up the bum please!

Do you rate any of my March faves? Can you recommend any variations on the above to me? What are your plans for April? Leave me a comment, I love to read them!
Zozo xoxo