money saving mondays! make your own shorts.

Hey! Well, I’ve been rubbish haven’t i? No blogs for ages and i’ve been a bit awol on twitter too. I can only apologise, this week has been absolute madness. But I have a free evening and i’ve got so many things to write about so get comfy!

So, I am currently sitting right at the bottom of the social ladder, a product of the government’s pockets and the future of the UK – yes, a poor, poor student! And thus I have little precious money. Even less because I live in central London. I do work very very hard outside of Uni (at Uni too, haha) and earn as much money as time will allow and i’m very grateful for everything I have, especially lovely clothes and make up – but i’m always looking for money saving alternatives. If you’re a regular reader here you’ll have probably noticed this already…!
So what better – and environmentally friendly – way to prepare your wardrobe for summer? Customization! This is not a word to be afraid of. I’ve always been one of those people who pins, sews, draws and cuts clothes til i’m happy with them, I used to buy plain tees when I was a kid and paint on them with fabric paint. I probably looked like a right goon but I wanted clothes with what I wanted on them and I love art so, it was a fun creative way to get the clothes I wanted.

So i’m going to show you how to make a pair of denim shorts from your old denim jeans. These are my jeans in question:

they’re like a dusky black colour…

They’re actually lovely jeans, the only thing is, Gap jeans are made to stretch and they don’t come any smaller than this size, so when I buy them they’re already too big for me and they’ve lost shape around the knees, crotch and waist. >.< But that’s no worries, as shorts they’ll be perfect (there’s nothing worse than tiiiiight shorts in the summer – hot and uncomfortable!) So a perfect pair would be ones that are either too short or have lost shape.

You will need the following:


Decide where you want your shorts to be, length wise. Mark out with an inch or two more (you can always take more away) with a pen or piece of fabric chalk.

Cut the jeans to shape with a sharp pair of scissors.

Fold the hem line up, so over the top of the jeans. This is essential, stops the ends of the denim fraying during wear and washing and will keep them in better condition. Pin the hem so you don’t sew it wonky ;). If you are a lucky lady and own a sewing machine you’ll whizz this part in a few minutes. Unfortunately I do not, luckily I am fairly good at sewing but to be honest you don’t need to be to sew them up, just use tiny stitches and sew carefully and confidently. Mine aren’t brilliant, but I don’t really care, as long as they stay up!!

(i still sewed them wonky donkey, d’oh!)

Now i want my shorts to stand out and look a bit different, so i’m going to customize the front. A really easy and quick way to create detailing and the illusion of wear (unless you own a sandblaster) is to take an ordinary kitchen grater and grate up and down very gently on your jeans. All you want to create is the wear and tear, don’t grate until there’s a hole, the idea is that the grating will lead into holes as you wear them. Because i’ve made my shorts quite short I don’t really want to lose any more material, haha.

So there you have it, a brand new pair of shorts, ready for summer! I just need to wear mine in a bit because my jeans were skinny they’re a wee bit tight now where i’ve done the hem. They will stretch though, if you have the same problem :). You can of course add sewing details, like beads or glitter or a transfer to the pockets for added detailing, if you’ve got a rose transfer or something you can go for that Ed Hardy look. Or if you have a pair of jeans which have faded or are a colour you’re now not sure about (we all had white jeans, come on) you can stick them in the washing machine with a pot of fabric dye. 🙂

 (i had to include this photo, look at the brilliant family guy still in the background ahaha)
sorry, i only sewed up one half before blogging, took me too long… i did finish them, and not wonky like they are in the photo – oops, bad pinning!

What do you think about my new shorts? Are you a customization girl or would you prefer to buy your shorts pre-made? Do you have any tips for me for customizing other items of unwanted clothing? Let me know, your comments make my day!
See you soon, Z xo