Miami Relaxation Was Food For The Soul


Photography by George J Rockett.

Travelling to me is everything, it’s why I work around the clock.

I live to explore, to create new stories and to see new shores. To me, that is everything. So I work 24/7 at home to achieve that, because travel doesn’t always come easy. While yes, it’s often easy to hop on a flight and just go, sometimes the stress of not having any money isn’t worth it. So my life goals centre around travel – well and house buying – and I wake up every morning with the mindset that if i work hard, I can travel.

I’d been relentlessly working on this mindset all year, and after an amazing holiday in California, we wanted a round two. Whilst anyone will tell you that California is an incredible holiday, unforgettable and truly cementing a place in my heart forever – it’s not a relaxing kind of holiday. If you’re anything like me, you want to squeeze everything out of California, so you find you take 14 days and you’re up at 7am and in bed at 11pm after long days driving, exploring, seeing things – and if you’re me and George on top of that, filming, blogging and YouTubing. It is absolutely beyond incredible and I wouldn’t change it for the world, and i’m grateful for it every day i live – but it’s a different type of holiday.


As we all know we need a sit down from time to time. You’ll burn out otherwise.

I’ve not been very good at sitting down and shutting off lately. I might be physically sat at the sofa, but i’m tap tap tapping away on the laptop, my brain still very much in work mode, often right up until 1am in the morning when I finally haul myself to bed, and even then i’m guilty for reaching for my phone to scribble something new down. I’ve also been guilty of bailing on nights out, or leaving events early to go home and work. I’ve been dreadful, actually. And it started it get me down. George works full time in his job, and then on his days off he works helping me out – shooting video for me and taking such beautiful photos, like the ones you see here. I felt like I owed it to him to treat him to a week in the sunshine, a week where he didn’t have to worry about anything.

So, off we went. To Miami Beach, a place we’ve never been before.


Of course, we took some photos, but photos come easy when you’re relaxed.

I find being creative so easy when i’m in a place that inspires me. George bounces off my infectious want for exploration and picture creating, and 10 minutes later before you know it he’s shot some of the most beautiful pictures i’ve ever seen. It does wonders for us both. When I booked the holiday I said to one of my friends about recording some video while I was there – and they said “but I thought you were relaxing?” You see the thing is, there’s definitely different ways of working on stuff. When you work at home it’s usually under pressure, in the same old surroundings, potentially after a bad nights sleep, fraught with worries and the stress of needing to create. If you work really hard before you go away, schedule a bunch of content and then just travel – suddenly creating under those circumstances becomes so easy. You’re not stressed, you’re happy and stress is alleviated.

It’s made me reassess my goals in life.

My dream would be to lift George out of work, to work with me. To spend all our time creating videos and photos. You might have seen my first Miami video – another episode of The Style Diaries, and well, in my opinion it’s our best yet. Why? We were relaxed, happy, and exploring a new place. I’m also working on a new style of travel video, an informative story telling of places we’ve visited. I’ve come up with my own way of telling this story, different to a vlog but not just set to music, and i’m trialling it out with the Miami footage. George’s drone shots are near-professional, and his abilities with the DSLR grow every single day. I’m beyond proud of him, and never before was it realised more than on a week in Miami. I can’t wait to upload this video when i’m done with it, to me this feels like a short film, and i’m so happy to be creating videos like that again.

miamifinal5I’m sharing these photos with you in the hope of spreading a little sunshine.

It’s not always easy to get away, not only at this time of year but at any time of year, and I honestly can’t begin to tell you how privileged I feel to be able to do that for us both. I used to be so poor I couldn’t even afford a travelcard into London, so to be able to travel to me is so emotionally incredible I can’t even put it into words. I hope to share with you these sunny photos, to make you smile and enjoy the colours of Miami beach, but also to tell you that if you, like me, get SAD in Winter, grind yourself down and are often too hard on yourself – the pay off is well worth it. You can travel and rest your bones. I know you can. Because if I can, anyone can.

These photos were taken last week during a slightly overcast moment – but still 27 degree hot day – at The Shore Club Miami. I’m not wearing any makeup, and my dress is from Boohoo. It features in my latest Boohoo haul. I think you can see just how happy I look, makeup free, warm, and just away from stresses at home. I think this was the last little bit of revitalisation I needed before 2017, and i’m just so happy I got to experience that. I feel so refreshed – albeit struggling with jet lag at the minute – but inspired, and with a brain full of new ideas for videos and short films that just naturally fell into mind sitting by the pool and feeling the warm in my body.

I know as I said earlier that travel isn’t the easiest thing for everyone, but if you can get away to a little bit of sunshine in the winter, i’ll never recommend anything more. For me, it was food for my soul, for my mental health and for us both. More on Miami to follow.