Meet Me In 2017


It’s New Years Eve, and for some I know this brings a sigh of relief.

Photography by Ben Gibson.

On paper 2016 has definitely been one for the history books. There’s been a lot of things to be sad about, and a lot that we should all try and do what we can to change going forward. But on a person to person level, there’s been positives, too. I know that a lot of my friends have had very successful, life changing years. Whether it be YouTube wise or starting a family wise, many close to me and part of my little circle of life have had a wonderful year and that’s always reason to celebrate.



Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, I hope you have a good one!

There’s always so much pressure on NYE, to go out and dress up and have fun – but I know for a lot of you staying in and celebrating with your loved ones is just as important. Don’t bow to the pressure, do what’s right for you. I’ve found a hybrid in having a few nights out around NYE/Christmas that to me have given me the happiness that comes with social situations, without feeling the pressure of FOMO when New Year’s Eve rolls round.


It might be corny, but a new leaf can do the world of good.

It feels like the most cheeseball thing in the world ‘new year new me’ etc but often just the notion of being able to turn a page and turn your back to something that perhaps wasn’t your favourite time – is so cathartic. I don’t think it should ever be sniffed at. So what if you think the people from your hometown sharing their NYE Resolutions on Facebook is lame – let them have it. I never really make resolutions as such, but I relinquish the chance to turn a new page and cross out some things I didn’t love about my life before. I think it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to enjoy being given this natural calendar chance to change things that make you unhappy, or start a new fresh leaf for another successful year ahead.



So for my parties this year i’ve been loving wearing this Boohoo dress. My magic widget thing ^ was having an off day and wouldn’t let me link the actual one i’m wearing, so if you’re after the exact one i’m wearing it’s this one here. It’s the right amount of flattering and figure hugging in my opinion, and i’ve felt lovely wearing it. It’s a mere £20 and I think it’s a total steal! I love that the glittery pattern looks like fireworks – perfect for NYE in my opinion. I bought this little metallic Mulberry bag in the annual sample sale back in October so I didn’t pay anywhere near full price for it – which feels almost so much sweeter to me! It’s teeny tiny but it fits my phone, my card, a lipstick and my keys (just) and therefore was almost justified.. almost. It’s pretty impractical but I often find myself in situations where I need to feel a little fancy – premieres, award ceremonies, fashion parties etc, and just those bare essentials do the trick. I love it. I really am besotted.



I’m really excited for 2017. 

I’ve had a little bit of a slump in December. It happens to me every single year, and I suffer from a bit of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. It happens to a lot of us, especially in the UK as our winter mornings and nights are cut short. We don’t see much daylight and when you’re holed up inside creating YouTube videos most of the time, losing the daylight really affects me and how I feel. Just knowing the nights from now on are getting lighter makes a bit of a difference, and coupled with this fresh start to make something more of myself – I feel better. I got a Lumie light from my sister for Christmas and I can’t wait to put it into motion and help myself get as motivated as I was back in October and early November.


All in all, I wish you all happiness and a renewed sense of life.

If a new year can’t bring much joy in resolution, in new leaf lifting or page turning, may it bring you joy in renewed sense of living. I like to make lists, i’m a list kinda girl. I would never tell you to do something that specifically, but I can’t recommend a good list enough. List things that make you happy, and things that don’t make you so happy. Even if they are teeny teeny tiny things, they are important. Remembering those small things that make us happy and the small things we can change, gives us a new, and refreshed way of living. Even if it’s only the smallest thing you vow to do next year, I know it’ll make you happy, and that’s awesome.

Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for coming over to read my little part of the world, and I hope to welcome you back in 2017. Your continued support has meant the world to me and allowed me to live happily, so thank you. Here’s to you.