Mariah Carey For MAC Is A Total Daydream



Mariah Carey x MAC. A diva’s dream.

Now i’ve fallen head over heels for a few MAC collections this year. Trolls, the Future Forward with Halsey, and MAC x Charlotte Olympia being a few of the notable ones that made my heart skip a beat, but MAC x Mariah Carey is something else. It’s on a whole ‘nother planet. Which, if you (like me!) have been watching Mariah’s World on E! will know – is just like the lady herself. She’s iconic, silly amounts of talented and likeable in a hilarious diva can-you-believe-she-just-said-that kind of way, the lady herself Mariah Carey is a household name making a huge comeback for 2017. Mariah’s World is my new guilty pleasure, it’s both hilarious and sweet in equal measures, and it’s crept to the top of my favourite E! shows already alongside Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Total Divas. But more on those another time. Today is all about Mariah..! I’m aware a lot of the collection has currently sold out online, but it’s launching in MAC stores and counters up and down the country *TODAY* (as of 15th December anyway) – the only thing is, I suggest you get a jog on.




MAC x Mariah Carey Palette in It’s Everything*

They weren’t wrong when naming this palette. It really is everything. Made up of three limited edition shades and one permanent, it’s a beautiful mix of cool toned shades. They all have a shimmery finish, but the darkest shade – Images of Rapture – is a little matter than the rest. From l-r shades are Diamond Butterfly, I’d Give My All, Twinks (which is the permanent shade) and as mentioned before, Images of Rapture. Diamond Butterfly is quite sheer and does disappear a little on the lids without a good primer, but I’d Give My All and Twinks have excellent pay off. Images of Rapture is such a beautiful deep navy toned grey-lilac with a hint of plum, it’s so beautiful it’s almost impossible to explain! To mix it up a bit and inspired by Mariah’s ‘lit from within’ glowy look, I used Twinks in my inner corner, with Diamond Butterfly blended in the middle – using a little bit of glitter glue to get it to stay bright – and highlighted my outer corner with a mix of I’d Give My All and Images of Rapture. I love this look and I really think it would be so beautiful for a party, it’s the kind of look you could pair right up with a red lip, or take down with a nude lip. Of course wearing the rest of the Mariah Collection mine came with a nude lip, but i’d definitely try it out with a darker lip, too! This whole palette is just gorgeous, and while it’s nothing new, it is beautiful, and the casing with a soft smooth glitter edge really will stand out on your makeup shelf.



MAC x Mariah Carey Blush in Sweet Sweet Fantasy*

I get obsessed with blush. I find a new one and I wear it to death before parting ways and falling head over heels for a new one. It’s never a passing thing, like an eyeshadow palette, more a proper love. And to no ones surprise, i’ve fallen head over heels for this one, too. It’s a coral toned pink, with such a beautiful slight shimmer. Pretty reminiscent of your favourite blush, aka NARS Orgasm, one of the most popular blush products in the world. I adore it much more than the other bright pink shade in the Mariah collection and i’d say this is the one definitely worth running to your local MAC counter for. I think this might even be my favourite product from the entire collection!




MAC x Mariah Carey Liquid Eyeliner in This Is My Night*

MAC x Mariah Carey Lip Gloss in Dreamlover*

I think the packaging on this range is just beautiful, and even a single basic item from the range can be made into a gorgeous stocking filler. With that in mind, here’s a liquid eyeliner and one of the lip glosses, both of which I think are fine, but nothing majorly special. Now I think Mariah is definitely a lady who likes a lip gloss, so I totally get the correlation here. The shade I have is Dreamlover, and it’s honestly beautiful. Rose gold with pearly flecks of sparkle and shimmer, it’s such a classic MAC festive season shade. I think it’s going to be very popular, and I think it’s super pretty. Me, i’m not always a lip gloss girl, but sometimes I do fancy a change and i’m going to be reaching for this over the holiday season as it’s just too pretty not to! Also, I have a little hack for lip gloss – if you’re wearing a liquid lipstick and eating (as you do over Christmas!) pop a lip gloss into your bag, and as you feel the liquid lipstick start to shift and turn more into lip liner, use the lip gloss to disguise the smudging, and create a new lip! I do this all the time. Dreamlover will be perfect for this job, too.

On to the Liquid Eyeliner, which personally I think is a bit of an odd choice for this collection. I feel like Mariah uses Liquid Eyeliner to enhance her lashes, which could explain why the shade This Is My Night is a dark taupe-y brown, rather than a black. When worn simply thinly across the top of the lid above lashes, it will make a more natural looking deeper smoky eye. I mean, I might be wrong, but that’s the feeling I get from this product in this shade! As always, it’s a stellar MAC formula that doesn’t budge and does you proud. If you’re after something slightly less harsh than black – this is it.



MAC x Mariah Carey Creamsheen Lipstick in Bit Of Bubbly*

This is so Mariah I don’t even know where to begin. From the beyond gorgeous silver case it’s adorning itself in, to the nude shade, her printed butterfly and even the name… I can’t. It’s awesome. I’ve been such a liquid lipstick fiend for too long I forgot what it was like to wear a MAC Creamsheen lippie, and it’s one of my all time favourite formulas. Bit Of Bubbly does err on the slightly pale side for a paley like me, but if you’re warm toned – like Mariah herself – this could very well become your new favourite lipstick. That is, if you want to deal with losing the gorgeous butterfly stamp over time! This shade really doesn’t disappoint and I do think as one of the more wearable everyday nude shades it is going to fly off the shelves, so if you’re reading this at your desk at work, thinking “oh god, I need that!” you better get headed to your counter at lunch!


So there we go! This is where i’d normally link all the products for your online browsing but this collection is so beyond sold out online there’s nothing coming up! Your best bet is to get in store, or hope that a few go back online in a few days. I’m besotted with MAC’s Mariah Carey collection and beyond enamoured to own it. I feel like a princess wearing it and if we all know Mariah, that’s definitely damn well what she would have wanted!

Will you be dashing in store to pick up this collection? Do you agree with me that it’s one of MAC’s strongest collections this year?