Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance for Him and Her


If I had to recommend just one little splash of luxury as a gift for Christmas, this would be it.

I know that this week is the week of last minute Christmas shopping. How do I know? Well, today i’m actually out and about doing just that. I’m not really one for gift guides, while I love Christmas I think it’s more about spending time with your loved ones than showering with a thousand gifts. George and I have been together for four Christmasses now – not sure where that time has gone! – and we both favour the idea of giving each other just one, extra special, really treasured thoughtful gift. I know everyone’s different, but that’s how we do it. Today i’m sharing with you something I think is a really special treasured gift for that special person that you buy just that one gift for.


Maison Margiela Fragrances are scent powered by memories.

The approach to the Replica collection by Maison Margiela is all about reliving that moment you remember so fondly by smell. There are quite a few in the range, and they’re all based on different places and specific years. They tell a story, quite complex, but also quite simple. A story that while written in a specific way, will read differently for every single person who smells their careful and considered scent layering. I think there will be standouts for everyone, but the two that George and I chose are Beach Walk* and Jazz Club*.


Smelling the fragrances itself was an experience we enjoyed.

So I was already familiar with the Replica range having seen it on my trips to Sephora in the US before, but just before we headed to Miami, I had a lovely little email in my inbox from the Margiela team, asking me to request my favourite two to be sent over. I didn’t want to rush into it, or just pick ones based on what other people liked, so while we were in Miami, George and I went to Sephora to smell and try them all, one by one. We found ourselves laughing, reminiscing and being taken straight back to really specific memories that we never even considered a smell could take us to. The fact I smelt and then wore the one I chose in the end – Beach Walk – that whole day along the beach in Miami, will always remind me of that day too. They really smell like the memories they are portraying, and one sniff will leave you smitten.


My choice was Beach Walk.

As soon as I smelt Beach Walk, it resonated with me. I love scents like Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess, and Beach Walk is an even softer, refined and more beautiful version of that. It’s description on the beautiful side of the bottle is ‘sunkissed salty skin’ in the provenance defined by Replica as ‘Calvi, 1972.’ It immediately conjures up that image of you at your most relaxed, in your beach state, on a foreign shore. It’s notes are bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper and musk – which really does smell like that afternoon walk we had on Santa Monica Pier in 2014, or those 30 degree hedonistic dusky evenings in Ibiza 2015. I can pin point so many of my own personal stories, and memories that smell like this. Wearing it to go forward into the future, it’s going to become one of those treasured scents I smell when i’m older and immediately have stories to tell.


George’s choice was Jazz Club.

Much like my experience with Beach Walk, as soon as George smelt Jazz Club, he adored it. A deep and musky fragrance reminiscent of secret jazz bars, with it’s bottle provenance description bottle citing ‘Brooklyn, 2013’ it’s not far off our own memories. George and I first visited New York together in 2014, and had nights out where we felt that description of ‘heady cocktails and cigars’ in the New York city. It smelt like a George fragrance immediately, and he feels special having owned it. The whole experience of choosing them together right through to them arriving in the post was such a lovely feeling for us both, and George treasures such a gorgeous item.


That’s why, in my eyes, it makes a perfect special gift.

As I mentioned earlier, for people like George and I at Christmas who only purchase one gift – I think this is ideal. Of course it’s lovely for Valentines Day or birthdays or even anniversaries, but I think there’s something so wonderful about the original apothecary packaging, and so beautiful to own. It’s a more unique gift, and I know by the amount that George and I are so happy with ours that your recipient will be too. And if you’re not looking to get a gift – it’s a well earned and enjoyed treat for yourself, too!

What do you think of Maison Margiela Replica fragrances? They’ve just landed in at John Lewis so they’re super easy to pick up. Click the pictures below to check them out!