mac vs benefit, who will win?

Hello. Uh oh! I done gone and put some of my money into MAC again! Although for a valid cause – foundation.


Now I’m a huge fan of Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, this is my fourth bottle and has been my standard foundation for a while now, but when it comes to powder i’ve always been a Benefit girl and sworn to the death by Get Even Pressed Powder. I had a horrible moment last week when BOTH Studio Fix and (the remains) of Get Even died on me so when I went and picked up my SFF I also had to pick up a new powder. Dun dun dun!

sorry about the photos, it was on it’s very very last legs, i was really making it stretch!

I’ve used Benefit’s Get Even pressed powder for the last two years and spent a ton of money on three of them. After getting annoyed at it’s short life span i’ve turned my attention elsewhere…MAC.

I don’t know if it was me just being ignorant or whether I genuinely never noticed but MAC do their Select Sheer pressed powder in NC5. Excellent! A perfect match for my skintone.

So I purchased it. Bit the bullet. And I have to say? I prefer it! It’s more lightweight on my skin, doesn’t highlight dry patches as much and the colour match is just that tiny bit better. I loved Benefit’s because of it’s yellow undertone it smoothed out any colour issues I had with my face, grey undereyes and pink patches. But the MAC one is the actual colour of my skin so it just evens out the tone and makes my face look flawless.

Get Even is priced at £22.50 for 8.9g of product and MAC’s Select Sheer is £17 for 12g of product. What? Both come with a sponge and mirror. Hopefully it will last me a bit longer but I do go though it a fair amount, but then for £6 cheaper each time and with the option of Back2MAC I don’t mind quite so much. I will be switching to my MSF Natural which is a bit darker in the summer anyway so should save some product then.

Side by side comparison – select sheer on left and MSF Natural on right (cracked because i dropped it :(..waaa)

I hate to stand here and seemingly praise everything MAC does, I don’t rate all their products at all, but for me this one has been a winner. Not over priced and does the job properly. So this time? MAC 1 – Benefit 0.

Do you agree? Or are you a die hard Get Even/Benefit fan like I used to be? Or is there an even better pressed powder i’ve completely missed? I’d love to try MAC’s blot powder, if you know anything about that then please let me know your thoughts!
Z xo