LUSH Halloween 2016


LUSH Halloween Collection for 2016.

I always look forward to LUSH’s Halloween releases. I think they are so creative, and the scents are usually a little more fun and offbeat to their normal. Every year they add a few newbies to the range and while i’m sure you Lushies out there are already long familiar with them, I thought i’d share my favourites from the range this year!


Some of the collection LUSH sent to me, and the rest I purchased.

To the left we have ‘Boo’ which is a bath melt, that smells of mimosa and ginger, and as with all bath melts – leaves your skin feeling super soft. This was in the box LUSH sent to me, as you can see my little Boo is a bit pink on the face from being next to the Monsters Ball bath bomb! It feels so squishy and cosy, and I really like the warming scent of the ginger in Boo that comes through quite strongly. Next to Boo in this photo set is the bath bomb in Autumn Leaf. I think i’m in love with this one! It’s such an amazing mix of colours from bright yellow to green and red, symbolising what I can only assume is the autumn leaves changing in season. Autumn Leaf smells of bergamot, sandalwood and neroli. I bought this one from the store, as I absolutely couldn’t resist how gorgeous it was! I can see myself going back for more of these…



This little bewitching fellow is a bath bomb called Pumpkin.

Again, this was one of the ones I bought myself and it was also the first one I used. I had to take a photo of it in the bath as i’ve never seen a LUSH bath bomb create such a vivid colour! It also smells amazing, a really strong scent of vanilla and cinnamon that filled my bathroom and corridor as I was running the bath!


These two little pink fellows are Goth Fairy and Monsters Ball.

Goth Fairy on the left is a teeny tiny little shimmer bar, which I wrongly thought was a bath melt on first impression! The idea behind this one is it’s basically a soft moisturiser with shimmer in it, that you rub across your skin before heading out for your Halloween party – to moisturise and sparkle up the skin. The scents in this one are bergamot, almond and grapefruit – with the main ingredient being illipe butter. To the right is Monster’s Ball, a new bath bomb that’s bright pink in colour. When it drops into the bath though, it comes out all peach, blue and pink. I think it’s meant to be a bit reminiscent of Monsters Inc and it has a really fresh scent of lime, neroli, and organic cocoa butter! It’s so so cute and being a huge bath bomb it’s one of those for a treat bath post trick or treating!


Notable shoutouts to these two, too.

Slightly less exciting in packaging terms but Lord of Misrule is a long time favourite seasonal LUSH product, which now comes in shower cream format. I love it more in the shower cream form and as you can see i’ve already used almost half of this little bottle, oops! On the right is Fireside soap, a bonfire night inspired soap bar that smells of coconut and vanilla. I always struggle with the LUSH soaps because I never am drawn to picking them up, until I get them home and realise I always love them more than my regular pumpy liquid soap! This one is a great wintery scent and I can see it being popular in the lead up to Christmas!

So there we go, here’s my little lowdown on my favourite products from LUSH for Halloween, so with a week to go it’s time to get your bathtime spook on and enjoy a few bewitching treats! Let me know what you think in the comments.



Some products in this post were provided as PR samples free for consideration. They were the following: Fireside, Monster’s Ball, Lord of Misrule, Boo and Goth Fairy. Everything else was bought by me.