The Kiehl’s Moisturiser I Wish I’d Met Sooner


Until recently, i’d been a bit of Kiehl’s virgin. I knew I had to try the brand, but where to start..?

So up until a few months ago when on a whim in Liberty I picked up the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask, I hadn’t tried much Kiehl’s. I know, I know. It’s hard to keep on top of everything and i’d definitely slipped into a skincare rut getting used to the same skincare. I think it’s all too easy once you’ve found something that works to divulge from it, but i’d heard so many good things about Kiehl’s, and loved my mask, that I just had to try some more things. So back in January I decided to try the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream after finding one in my stash, and i’m absolutely besotted.


It comes in a smaller tub or a big tub depending on how much you use.

I think you can see just about the line in the tub of how much i’ve used just between now and January, hardly any! I find a little of this does go a long way, and doesn’t need a huge scoop full to cover your face. I just make sure my hands are clean, then take a small amount onto my fingers and massage gently into my skin. I know the name might be a bit thick sounding, but the texture is actually very lightweight and gentle, and can be used all day long. I use it in the day time when i’m at home, and after cleansing at night, but I don’t use it underneath makeup, as personally I prefer a primer to help my foundation stay in place.



So what’s the lowdown? 

Kiehl’s say that the Ultra Facial Cream is perfect for 24/7 daily use, which in turn will leave the skin hydrated and smooth. It contains Squaline for moisture and water retaining Imperata Cylindrica which helps to product the skin throughout harsh weather conditions. Okay so that’s a bit of technical babble for those interested, but in terms of how it actually works on me, I mean I do agree with the latter. It’s been a harsh winter on my skin, leaving my lips dry and sore, yet my skin still feels hydrated and happy. Thumbs up!


Okay look ignore how matted my hair looks but look at my skin!

I wanted to show a real true representation of me just before bed and how my skin has reacted to this through the day and upon application before bedtime. Hence the matted hair. However I think you can see a nice smooth texture, a little redness here and there but that’s to be expected after a harsh day in the city, and after putting this on my skin feels baby soft and quenched. I’ve been doing this most nights although sometimes I switch it out for a different moisturiser, and I’ve really noticeably noticed a difference in how my skin looks on a day to day basis. I’m absolutely loving this pot so much, and I genuinely can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner!





So there we have it, the skinny on how i’ve fallen head over heels for the Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s. Do you use this stuff? I’d love to know what you think too, and whether you agree with me on how awesome it is! Be sure to let me know in the comments!