Is The Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette Worth Buying?


I really wanted to put the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette through it’s paces now it’s available in the UK.

There’s been a fair bit of hubbub about the Pastel Goth palette for a few months now, and with it being right up my street, you can imagine the surprise I had when it arrived at my doorstep a month ago! Now if you’re new to this particular palette, it promises an all-matte line up of pastel shades, inspired by the ‘pastel goth’ trend that’s taking over the streets. It launched finally in the UK was last week, so I figured i’d get my thoughts on it out there now incase you were eyeing it up in Debenhams!



Is it all that pastel, though?

When this palette dropped on the KVD Beauty Instagram, there was a bit of backlash on whether the palette was a true pastel or not, and i’m in two minds. Some of the shades are, and are unlike anything else I have in my collection – namely Meow, Clementine, and Gloom – but others are actually quite bright, mostly Star and Doom. I’d have definitely sacked off the white in favour of a really pastel pink, and i’d also have got rid of Doom, because it’s bold cobalt blue doesn’t really match up with the rest of the palette. I wish Star was a little paler, like a proper dusky soft yellow, and i’m also not all that impressed with the pigmentation on the shade Dope, either. It’s a half and half from me. The thing is, I know i’ll use the brighter shades, but they’re very similar to the bright shades in the Urban Decay Electric Palette, which I still love. It’s just a bit of a shame Kat didn’t formulate some much softer pastel shades, but I know her brand is all about bright and bold colours – which these definitely are. So a bit of a mixed feeling on the actual shade selection from me!



But what about the formulation? Mattes are notoriously tricky…

Yes, they are. And this is where some brands fall at the first hurdle, by making them too chalky, too dense, too thin, too much fallout… mattes are hard to master. This palette does actually deliver some really great matte shades, but they definitely need a primer. I tried them with primer and without primer, and without the primer they were more or less non existent. They really need that extra helping hand of the eye primer to grab onto the skin and really show off the shades.

I also found that they applied so much better by dabbing on the colour gently and building it up that way, rather than going straight in blending side to side. I think that’s pretty true for most matte shades though, and I think that will come as no surprise. I also wore this palette for about 8 hours, and through a DJ set in a hot environment, and they didn’t hardly fade or crease with primer at all, which is so impressive. When I got home the only thing that had smudged was my mascara, which is pretty good going as far as i’m concerned. There’s no denying it, the formula on these is amazing.


Would I recommend the palette?

Yes and also no. Yes if you have nothing like this in your collection, yes if you’re after some awesome brighter matte shades… but no if you already own the Urban Decay Electric palette. It’s quite similar and I know there are some great high street brands out there – namely NYX – who sell single bright pastel matte shades too. So if you’re a die hard Kat Von D gal like me – I was gonna buy this irregardless of it turning up at my doorstep – you’ll be in, but if not, you may skip this one. It is a little pricey for what it is, so if you’re a bright by bright girl you’ll love it, but if you’re a part-time brightster you may not think it worth the money. There are some really unique shades in here, but the lack of truer pastel colours may put you off if you already have a hefty makeup collection. B+ from me.


Little bit of a mixed review from me there but I wanted to be totally transparent and honest with you! I also may have made your decision making harder? Oops. Sorry. Personally I will reach for this palette, but as I said it really is quite similar to the Urban Decay Electric one. I’d love to know what your thoughts are and if you will be trying out this palette! Let me know what you think in the comments! It’s currently exclusive to Debenhams and i’d love to know what you think!