It’s Lit


Photography: Joseph Galvin

Oh yeah, it’s lit.

Oh man I had lusted and lusted after this Moschino cardigan for so long, that as soon as it went into the Boxing Day sales, I had to have it. Okay so it wasn’t the cheapest purchase, and definitely a bit of a splurge – but it was the end of a year i’d worked quite hard throughout, and I felt like a little treat here and there was okay. Isn’t it so fun? The full runway collection by Moschino was called – you guessed it – It’s Lit, and you’ve probably seen the cigarette casing all over people’s iPhones ever since.




These photos were snapped on day one of London Fashion Week.

I’d been feeling a bit at a loss for what to wear at London Fashion Week, and in the end I opted for my safety blanket – mostly black. In the end this particular outfit ended up being a mish mash of designer and high street, but well, if you can’t get your best garms out for Fashion Week when can you? I’m not overly a designer girl, I don’t care much for the actual label of stuff, but if I fall head over heels for the design of something, I will sometimes treat myself to it. That darn Shrimps coat really was the one that got away…

I like mixing labels, textures and brands because I think it really is about how you wear things, not who you are wearing. I’ve never cared much for flashing labels at Fashion Week, usually opting for head to toe high street, but in the last year i’ve been so lucky and able to afford (mostly discounted not gonna lie, usually sample sale or in the sale) designer things a little more, and these pieces are much treasured in my wardrobe.


Cardigan: Moschino, Jeans: ASOS, Boots: Kurt Geiger*, Bag: Coach, Necklaces: ASOS, Belt: Missguided*


Still obsessed with my navy handbag.

I am honestly loving Coach at the moment, I know i’ve mentioned this before but their style and brand ethos for me at the moment is right up my street. I’m loving all their collab ranges, and after visiting their store in New York I’m honestly smitten. I was lucky enough to get this bag as a gift at Christmas, and I honestly adore it. It’s so soft, and the warm grungey navy compliments so many black items of clothes perfectly, whilst adding extra depth in colour tonality. Of course now it matches my new navy hair, too! If only i could afford the actual Coach clothes, their jackets are the stuff of dreams.



I know this is a cardigan, but i’ve worn it as a top.

The weather got a little warmer this weekend and it meant I was able to wear the It’s Lit cardi as an actual top. Of course i could have layered something underneath, but I thought it was fun on it’s own. It’s so typically me to try and look suave in these photos while the choker is round the wrong way and the chain is hanging down the front, gah! I mean, we can’t all be insta-perfect eh.

The little pop of red in my ASOS bolo complimented the bold red in the lips of the cardigan, and I thought it made the outfit a little more ‘me’. I know I tend to stick to the same sorta bolo/choker vibe, but that’s my comfort blanket and I don’t feel afraid or worried to change it.



joe4Trusty Kurt Geiger shoes.

I got gifted these Kurt Geiger shoes at the start of last fashion week in September and they have quick become my go-to stylish boot. They are so comfy and were from the get go, as well as being the right height to walk around town in quickly and easily, and also look and feel on point. I know they can be expensive, but I do think investing in one good solid pair of boots can be so worth it in the end, especially a more timeless pair like these in just plain black and gold, as they will always come in handy. Until they break and I can no longer wear them, i’ll always see a need for these boots in my wardrobe. I also have no qualms in wearing just one pair of good boots to death, you don’t need a bazillion pairs of the same thing, and as a worthwhile investment the money will always go further if you love and use them!



These were snapped just after my first round of hair dye, after this I then went over it again with a deeper purple navy, as I felt in the sunlight this was still coming out quite blue! I’m also still so into a half up half down bun top knot, it’s a great way to ‘do’ your hair without actually doing it at all! Joe snapped such a beautiful photo of my hair like this and I think the almost feather like texture of the faux fur Boohoo coat is perfect.


I would love to know what you think of my mix of high street and designer in this Moschino meets Boohoo get up, and whether you’d wear something similar yourself! Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out Joe and his fabulous photography!