An Intro To INC.redible Cosmetics

Photos & Words: Zoe London

It’s nice to see a brand famed for doing one particular thing, move into a totally new sector..

Thea Green, founder of Nails.Inc is a smart woman. She totally just understood the industry back when she started Nails Inc in 1999, and she’s proving that she still gets it now. Meet INC.redible Cosmetics, the latest incarnation of the Nails Inc foundation, and I think it’s a total steal. INC.redible Cosmetics launched last year with a wide range of lip products, and has since expanded into a few other bits to begin the base of their makeup range. It’s fronted by four beautiful content creators and it’s packaging is to die for. There’s something silly like 54 lipsticks, and a whole bunch of other bits, so I thought I’d cherry pick a few of my favourite items from what I’ve tried so far to help you navigate your way into this super cool brand.

Nails Inc sent me this absolutely huge care package of more or less everything in the range, and honestly it was madly overwhelming. I likened it to walking into a makeup store and seeing the huge counter for the first time, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed as to where to start. I’ve been trying everything slowly but surely over the last six months – apart from the Foil Lipsticks which I want to try nearer to festival season – and I’ve found some killer favourites.

First up we have to talk about the packaging. Much like Nails Inc, it’s simple, clean and effective. It’s all in white casing, which is a pretty hot makeup trend for the 2010’s generation, most new brands having moved out of black casing predominantly in previous years. It feels airy, bright, lightweight and cute. None of the products are particularly weighty, so it does feel slightly cheaper and not as luxe as other brands, but it’s price point is affordable, so it’s forgiven. It also comes in this beautiful foil packaging, like space dust, and I just adore it so much. It’s cruelty free, but I couldn’t find any information about it being vegan or not.

INC.redible Cosmetics Jelly Shot – £8 | INC.redible Cosmetics Brighten Up Illuminating Drops – £10

The first product I was immediately drawn to were the Jelly Shots. There’s four different types, and it’s a cute little lip balm with a small flower incased in the bullet. The clear one pictured – ‘Ex-Revenge’ also has little pieces of gold foil, and thus it immediately caught my eye and ended up as the first INC.redible product I tried and threw into my handbag. The Jelly Shot contains avocado, vitamin E and rice bran oil, which keeps your lips soft whilst making it a great base for lipstick. What I’ve found about this is that it’s not thick, it’s not sticky and it’s not really intense, so it’s more of a lip prep than an overnight balm or a balm you’d reach for for intense hydration, but as a prep product it is lovely and I’m not surprised at all it’s been one of their best sellers.

Another product I’ve enjoyed using is the INC.redible Cosmetics Brighten Up Illuminating Drops. They’re kinda weird to look at in the bottle as they’re basically little sparkly looking bottles of water, but it’s actually an oil-based priming formula used to prime the skin and create a hydrated, highlighted base. It takes a bit of practise to get right, I find the best way is to use a small amount and not to rub it in too hard but more ‘pat’ it into the skin. I like the iridescent shade ‘Unicorn To The Core’ pictured, but there’s a gold shade too.

INC.redible Cosmetics Well Lit Highlighting Drops – £10

I think these are absolutely a bargain standout product as they perform beautifully, are unique shades and really on trend for highlighters. I’m obsessed with the paler bottle shown, which is called “Yessss!” and I’ve never had so many compliments in my life on the highlight since I started wearing it. I love it so much, I’m so tempted to use it as my wedding highlight on my wedding day! That’s how good it is. So these little bottles have a brush inside where you just brush the highlighter on, making it really easy to use. You then pat it gently into your skin with your fingers, and then it dries down and honestly lasts all day! That shade ‘Yesss!’ comes out the most beautiful iridescent pink sparkly duochromatic shade as you can hopefully see on my skin, and the other shade ‘Whoop!’ is a taupe toned gold that would look flattering as an every day highlight shade on any skin tone. In my opinion, these are a must buy as they’re just like the Cover FX drops, but cheaper and just as good!

bottom photo L-R:  Well Lit in Yesss! Well Lit in Whoop! Illuminating Drops in Unicorn To The Core, You Glow Girl in Cosmic Blur and You Glow Girl in Showglow

INC.redible Cosmetics You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly – £10

These are such an unusual product that I believe they deserve a mention. The You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly is basically what it says on the tin, and a jelly consistency product. It’s a little tricky to use at first, so I’d give this an intermediate makeup application level of skill. The reason why I think it’s so cool, is that for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, this is a really interesting piece of kit. For the average user, I’m not sure how many people would immediately love it, but if you’re a makeup geek like me you probably will. I actually like to use them under my brow bone highlight and all over my eyes as eyeshadow rather than as highlight, because applying the jelly texture to a foundation-ed skin is tricky. If you’re a no makeup base kinda gal or doing an editorial look, applying this to cheeks is gonna look amazing. However, for the average makeup user, applying this over foundation is gonna be a bit of a no go. The reason why I like it, is it’s really nice to see a creative makeup product in an affordable line. It’s once again proving Thea totally gets the new generation of makeup lovers – the Instagram creators, the tutorial makers and the beauty shakers – this is so wicked, and people with creative minds and cool ideas will love this product. I can’t wait to see what people make with it! I’m gonna play about with it a lot more during festival season!

INC.redible Cosmetics Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint – £8

These are an affordable liquid lip, that to me are quite reminiscent in texture of the Kylie Lip Kits. I think they’re probably some of the closest on the high street comparable that I’ve found, and they also come in 14 flattering and unique shades. I have most of the fourteen available, but I cherrypicked my favourite three to share with you. I’d also be happy to do a single review/swatches on these in the future if you do wanna see that so let me know in the comments. Way too much for this post right now though!

The three I chose from top to bottom in my arm swatches are: “Hustle Hard Girl”, “Future Is Female” and “I’m Great Thanks”. These go on quite wet and do take a minute or so to dry down fully. When they are dry, they literally do not budge! Getting those swatches off my arm what a right mission! On the lips they do stain a bit, but nothing a good cleanser can’t scrub off. Their longevity is actually one of the reasons why I really like this product, and I do think it’s more or less bang on par with the Kylie ones. At £8 a pop these are much more affordable and easier to get hold of. I’m obsessed with ‘I’m Great Thanks’ and I think it’s a really unique shade for the high street.

INC.redible Cosmetics In A Dream World – £8

Glosses are making a revival in a big way at the moment. There’s six shades of these, and I have two. The two I have are the pink ‘99% Unicorn’ and a really curious orange meets green shade called ‘Mermaid Tantrums’ which is so unusual. These are all absolutely amazing and having seen the swatches of all six on Sephora, I think I need them all in my life. 99% Unicorn is one I’ve been wearing in the middle of my lips over all my favourite nude lipstick shades to plump up and enhance how my lips look, and I’m obsessed. I think Mermaid Tantrums is a really nice topper for a red toned lipstick, and I think it would look amazing over a bright bold red, too. I think these are such a cool high street product and again, I know I keep coming back to it but Thea just has her finger on the pulse. These are an Instagram trend waiting to happen..!

So there we go there’s a little lowdown on some of my favourite INC.redible Cosmetics products. I can’t thank them enough for sending them over, as always my opinions are totally genuine – not all these shades/products are winners but the ones I’ve featured in my opinion are beautiful and totally worth your time! I’d love to know what you think about INC.redible Cosmetics and whether you’d give anything a try! For me I think the fact they’re mostly under £10 is amazing, and I can’t wait to try more of the range as it expands! Watch this space!