Hello! Hope everyone is well and so far having a great weekend. Thanks again to all new subscribers and welcome to my blog 🙂

This evening I went for a few drinks at one of our favourite bars in Battersea, the Ink Rooms. It’s a bar full of old 50s decor, jukeboxes and American memorabilia. The walls are painted with Sailor Jerry paintings and it’s got this old punk and rockabilly vibe about it. I love it so much!

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Anyway this is what I wore out this evening:
Denim Shirt from Gap
Print tee from We Walk
Wet look leggings from H&M
Lace up heel boots from H&M
Quite casual as I knew we were only going to the bar but I love the wet look leggings with the denim shirt and heels. 
 dont forget the bag!
I’m really loving this denim shirt at the moment, it works really well as a lightweight jacket/cardigan over the top of long tops and dresses. I’d really love to sew some shoulder pads in for the ultimate 80s look! 🙂
My jewellery from top to bottom:
Rose ring – Accessorize £8
Plane necklace – Accessorize £5
Cross-stitch locket necklace – Urban Outfitters £4.99
And the London Lipgloss of tonight was:
Okay okay, I cheated. No lipgloss today. I really fancied quite a matte-ish finish deep red, so I wore MAC’s Culture Class lipstick from Royal Assets 2007 (or 2008? i forget). Such a beautiful deep red, one of my favourites. I don’t wear red much but this one is totally wearable and I think compliments my NC15 skin better than a brighter red. 
Unfortunately I can’t make it back home (Cambridge) to see my mum tomorrow – or today now – which i’m quite sad about but i’m going back next weekend to see her instead :). Also I bought MAC Face and Body in White from Goss’s make up sale and i’m so so excited to receive it next week. Because it’s a pro product I can’t get hold of it at all and i’ve wanted it for so so long! Other than that well i’ve not bought anything this weekend, wow, what a surprise for me! 
What are all your plans for the rest of the weekend? Are you embracing the denim shirt trend? What do you think about teaming denim with wet look leggings? Please let me know what you thought, I absolutely love to read your comments!
Lots of love, Z xox