Ibiza Vice


Photography by Hannah Louise Farrington.


Move over Miami Vice, it’s all about Ibiza Vice.

If you’re a regular over at my YouTube channel, you’ll have seen that a couple of months ago Hannah and I went to Ibiza for the opening of the Sol House Ibiza. It’s an incredible hotel, with more luxury than the Ibiza Rocks chain, and a relaxed/welcoming atmosphere ideal for those looking for a holiday away from the party atmosphere of Ibiza Rocks but still with a bit of life.


Ibiza is beyond picturesque and incredibly easy to take beautiful pictures in, but Hannah and I were on the hunt for something a little different. Prior to dinner, we took a little wander off out along the beach just a couple of blocks down from the hotel, where we found this salmon pink meets musty yellow apartment block. With it’s double palm tree plant next door and circular balconettes, it looked straight out of the 1970s and very Miami Vice, and we fell in love.


As soon as I saw this aztec playsuit on Boohoo, I loved it.

I’m not always one for heavily printed stuff, but there was something about this playsuit that I just loved as soon as I saw it on the website. Weirdly, it goes absolutely perfectly with this 1970’s looking vintage setting – as if we planned it, when we didn’t! I love moments like that, when the unexpected turns out to be incredibly memorable.



A lot of people including myself have preconcieved perceptions about Ibiza.

Because there’s so many TV shows and instagram feeds that give us a certain view of Ibiza, I think a lot of people dismiss it as a party island. I’ve been twice now, and while yes of course, it absolutely is a world famous party island – it’s also a tranquil, beautiful place to holiday. Should you be after something away from the clubs and hedonistic lifestyle, you can find it in Ibiza. Sol House for me was the perfect blend of a little bit of party, but also it’s position on the other side of San Antonio Bay also meant it was far enough away to be quiet and serene should that be what you want.


I’m kinda obsessed with dusky pink at the moment.

There’s something about the tone of a dusky, grungey, vintage looking pink that I absolutely can’t get enough of right now. I always want to buy tops, dresses, shoes in it, and I always want to adorn my eyes with pretty pink eyeshadows, too. I think it’s such a flattering tone on so many skintones, and for me it’s a warm, cosy pink without being too full on. If I lived in this apartment, i’d be painting it all the time to keep that dusky looking pink fresh!

I absolutely adore this photoset, and I hope you do too. It’s so nice to shoot something so different from the scenery we have at home, and I couldn’t resist but edit these photos into that kinda washed out sky, dark toned colours – reminiscent of the holiday photos I looked at of my mum and dad back in the 80s. You know, those old cameras that never really captured it totally true to life, and left us all gazing at the photos of our family in their high waisted jeans and their perm hair dos, that fondly stay in our mind. I wanted to recreate that a little bit, and I hope this photoset does it justice. Take me back to Ibiza asap!