Hit Refresh

Photography: Kaye Ford

Words: Zoe London


I’ve been a terrible blogger.

Look, I have. We don’t need to lie about it here. You know my place on the internet has always been honest, truthful and even if that means it hurts. I’ve been absolutely awful. I love blogging, I really do, but i’ve been useless at it. I hate that. I started out here on this website – even though it’s now in I think it’s fifth reincarnation – blogging about what I loved, what I bought and what I wore. I was a poor student and I couldn’t afford the MAC makeup I so lusted for from Temptalia, so I used my blog as a way to rediscover old makeup I already had, and find new ways to fall in love with it. Things have really changed since then, including me, but well, the way I blog kinda stayed the same.

I mean really i’d wanted to apologise, but I think i’m mostly apologising to myself.

Naturally you have to go to what makes you the most money when your full time job provides for the roof over your head (as well as two weddings, ugh) and for me that has become my YouTube channel. To put it bluntly – there just isn’t that much money in just blogging any more. Back when I started, I earned enough from the ads running on my blog to pay my rent every month. I KNOW. We didn’t know how good we had it. I don’t even run ads anymore now because I get roughly 11p a month, that’s just the way things are now. YouTube for me is a sustainable career and I had to focus my efforts on it. At least for a while. YouTube growth for me is slowing, across the board apart from a few anomalies who just seem to be growing like crazy (teach me how?) everyone seems to have slowed down in growth and views. It seems to be down to the shift in algorithm and how YouTube as a platform prefers to push television networks rather than singular YouTubers – probably some tin foil hat thing going on here – and for me it’s slowed down to the point where I can comfortably at the moment go down from three videos a week to two.

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One of the things i’ve consistently enjoyed however, is writing.

You’ve always all been so kind to me about my writing. I’ve been writing since I can remember being able to – my mum always finds stuff from my childhood where i’d made homemade magazines or written stories about things we had done. For me it’s both cathartic, and enjoyable. It means a lot to me to be able to get my voice heard like this. To have that platform I mean, i’ll never take it for granted. It has meant so much that you’ve always been kind and supported me in my writing, and that actually makes me feel even more guilty for not blogging consistently.

Look, i’m not going to turn into a blogging saint over night. But I am going to write more. I’ve set myself a goal of publishing four posts a week – I know, I know. From zero to four. But I feel like I can do it! I do. For once I feel really inspired again, and I’m going to push through any tough barriers in trying to keep up this. I think I need to, for myself, if anything.


I didn’t really design this outfit to be every day wearable.

I didn’t want to. It was Fashion Week and I wanted to push myself creatively. I wanted to spark into a new era, a more concentrated era of considered fashion. I love fashion, but I don’t always show it like I want to. Fashion Week for me is the one weekend of the year where I can really push what I wear normally, and I set a tonality for my outfits for the rest of the year. This one was my sportswear nude palette. I fused the totally different designers, Fenty x Puma with Drop Dead, and pulled in key black notes in the Quay Australia sunglasses, and the Versus Versace bag that was a Fashion Week treat to myself.

This is a symbolic rarety. A free pass to my own creativity. And what better way to relaunch this amazing new blog design, with an outfit I felt represented how much i’ve grown up, how i’ve fine tuned my taste into what I like and grown out of the same old outfits all the time. If you can take just a smidge of ideas for your own outfits from that – win. Going forward, my outfits will still be very much quintessentially ‘me’, but I am trying to push myself to get better at styling. I read a lot about styling, about semantics of fabrics and designers and you know i’ve always been interested in that. Also, it’s totally outlandish and fun and I love that. Who says you can’t wear what you want?

Now is time to bring it to life. Welcome back to Zoe London v3.0, it’s so lovely to have you.


Major props go to my amazing web designer Tom Aylott who has put up with me asking over and over to change tiny tiny things and made this beautiful website exactly how I wanted it. I really hope you enjoy reading, and I really would love to know in the comments what you enjoy reading and what you’d like to see on the blog. I write for me, but the enjoyment comes from you. We’re in this together, 100% honesty on everything as always, and hopefully some unique content you can enjoy. You’re the best and I wouldn’t be here without you.