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hair by bleach in dalston
today’s listening 27th september: betty blowtorch, rock ‘n roll 69
So always on the quest for the best hair salon to keep my tresses looking sick, I ended up at super iconic and talk of the town Bleach on the Kingsland Road in Dalston. They’ve got another salon inside the bottom floor of Topshop Oxford Circus as well too. Bleach is the brainchild of hot babes Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale (who’s sister does the hair for One Direction aswell) who started operating out of the back of what was then WAH Nails in Dalston, where flocks of London gals would rock up and get a bunch of cool colours in their hair. Named after Nirvana, it’s pretty much where the colourful dip dye trend took off, and it’s understandable that after that Bleach took off, and rightly so.
With a host of celebrity clients from Florence Welch to M.I.A, i was dead excited to be letting them in charge of my mermaid locks. My stylist was the awesome Sapphire who manages the store, and straight away got stuck in with making my hair look funky fresh. I wanted something a little different to my normal turquoise but am (for the time being) attached to the turq so she bleached my roots good and proper before mixing up the turquoise blue shade. She did something i’d never seen before, where she got my wet hair in the sink and scrubbed physically with her fingers up the bottom of my hair with bleach to create the subtle ombre, which later would form the base for the purple.
Bleach use all their own “super cool colour” which is actually going to be on sale in Boots soon (8th Oct) which pleases me NO END and their colours are stored in glass bottles on the shelf so you can check out what there are to pick from. Mine was quite blue, which was perfect for my already pretty green base, and then she rubbed pink up the tips. She did all of this completely by hand, section by section, and she did such a brilliant job it was unreal. She also gave my fringe the sharpest and slickest straight cut it’s ever seen in my life ever that I’m going to be rushing back to her in a couple of weeks to get it trimmed again! 
Unfortunately I went on holiday into the sun, but armed with some tips from Sapphire on how to keep my hair bright, the hair didn’t fade too much. All the pink/purple washed out though (to be expected) but what was left was this wicked subtle ombre that i still love. 
I loved it at Bleach. It’s not your normal salon, if you go in expecting to chat about your holidays and the girl next door, it’s not gonna be that kind of experience. They play their punk music loud, their colours are bright and they are cool, but friendly and fun staff. Most of them came over to compliment me on my hair, and the salon had a cool atmosphere. I kind of preferred it to my normal kind of salon experience, I just had fun chats with Sapphire about hair and then otherwise was left to my own devices, which works fine by me. I was so happy with the final results afterwards and i’m still happy with the ombre that’s left now. Bleach has been my favourite salon to visit so far, and even though it is expensive (roots cost £150 and a full head of colour is £120 with a cut and blow dry starting at £90) they did the best job i’ve had so far on my hair. Nothing corporate, nothing forced, I got what I wanted. Also it’s worth noting that it’s not just for brightly coloured gals, Bleach are experts in well, bleaching, and general hair dying – infact out of four people in the salon at the same time as me I was the only one getting any kind of colour, with a cute pixie bleach crop going on and then also a men’s cut happening next to me, it’s the kind of salon for anyone looking for a trend-led stylish hairstyle by the leaders in colour dying. 
Please just hurry up and release the super cool colour into Boots already Bleach, i’m freakin’ dying (no puns intended) to get some of your other colours into my tips! What do you think of Bleach salons? Have you been to the one in Dalston? What do you think of the way my hair looked at the end?

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Disclaimer: Hair service provided free of charge by Bleach Dalston.