Glitter/Confetti Ice Cubes for New Years Eve Drinks!



For 2016 I want to finally go into more food blog posts, as i’ve moved into a much bigger and brighter kitchen with more space to do so. I thought i’d get a little practise in with just a small little drink tip today, on how to make really easy glittery/confetti ice cubes for New Years Eve! It’s easy to do and adds a little bit of sugary fun to your party drink.The first thing you wanna do is choose your ‘glitter’ or ice cube addition. There’s so many things you could put inside – just make sure they’re edible! I chose these flakes of glitter from Magic Sparkles which I bought from Amazon here because I hoped they’d look a bit like shimmery confetti, and also I didn’t want anything that was too colourful to go in the drink.




What you need to do is pre-freeze your ice cubes until they’re totally done. If you do it beforehand with the water, because it’s not ‘real’ glitter as such and just sugar, it melts all into the ice as it freezes and just makes coloured ice cubes. I waited until my ice cubes were fully frozen, then sprinkled all the glitter flakes onto the top. They then go back into the freezer for about 15 minutes longer to solidify to the ice cubes before popping into the drink!

I think they made such a cute effect when they dispersed from the ice cube, leaving a little confetti trail in my cup of sparkling wine! As I said though, they are sugar, so they do melt and disintegrate into the drink – as you can see it did make my wine a little green! I think they’d be a lot of fun during/over the countdown though to go with party poppers and of course you could use real metallic or chunky edible glitter to make an amazing super sparkly cup.

What do you think of this little idea? I thought it was a nice little fun way for me to practise food/lifestyle/cooking photos and see where I can take it for 2016! Happy New Year and i’ll see you on the other side!