Glam Glow x Sonic The Hedgehog GravityMud Mask


Photography & Edit: Zoe London

Let’s meet this limited edition Glam Glow mask.

I love Glam Glow masks. I usually use the YouthMud, which has an interestingly intense burning sensation, but some of the most incredible results. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time or cabin baggage space to pack a face mask into my routine, so I recently relinquished the chance to try this epic limited edition Glam Glow Gravity Mud* mask, inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog.


Gravity Mud promises firming and toning.

So the original Gravity Mud is a brilliant chrome white, with a reflective sparkly effect. This limited edition version however, as you can see, is a bright blue shimmery finish, inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. Now, from a mask, personally I like to make my skin deeply cleansed, and brightened up. So I think this is why the Gravity Mud hadn’t previously been something I’d tried, as firming wasn’t high up on my agenda. Going to cut a little bit through the bullshit now, I’m not entirely sure how much firming a mask can really do. However, this does really brighten up the skin. My face looked glowy and renewed, but not really all that much firmer as such. With that in mind, I’d probably call this more of a brightening mask, and my skin looked detoxed, but I didn’t see anything all that much ‘firmer.’ Something to note! It doesn’t detract from the mask though, just don’t expect miracle results.


So this is a peel off mask.

No don’t worry it’s not like those gross ones made out of PVA glue that you see on Instagram (thank god) but it does work as a peel off mask. You can wipe it off with a warm flannel really easily, however, if peeling isn’t your thing or you have sensitive skin. I got some in my eyebrows, forgetting it was a peel off mask, and I wouldn’t recommend doing the same, ha! It washed out easily with the warm flannel, don’t worry. It’s so much fun to apply, and looks so cool as it’s drying this sparkly shimmery blue. It takes about 20 minutes to fully set properly, and you’ll feel it tighten up on your skin ready to peel.

All in all, I think this mask is really cool. I’d definitely use it again, although more for a brightening/general mask need rather than for anything particularly firming as such. It worked really well as with all Glam Glow masks I’ve tried, and I’d recommend giving it a go!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Sorry about all the flattering photos in this post!