Getting To Know The Real Magaluf

P H O T O G R A P H S: Zoe London – live pic from Adam (
W O R D S: Zoe London


Back in June as you will have seen if you followed my social media channels, invited me along on a little trip to Mallorca. They let me bring my pal Jen so with open minds, we jetted off on our way to Magaluf, for a three night stay at the BH Mallorca hotel. Yup, you’re not hallucinating/haven’t clicked onto another blog by mistake, that’s me, in Magaluf. We’re talking The Inbetweeners movie, BCM, the fishbowls and the cheap English food kind of Magaluf. The very same. Well, you know what, I actually felt like I saw a new side of Magaluf on that trip, and I think you’ll see why. 

Let’s start with our hotel. Formerly belonging to the ‘Rocks’ chain having been made into the powerhouse that is Mallorca Rocks once upon a time, BH Mallorca is the perfect blend of relaxation, party and an all round good time. With three giant parts to the hotel, the first having the stage in it, for evening gigs and also a dining room for eating, the middle with a bunch of giant waterslides, all too big for my non-daring side but adorned with colour and finished up with people having a laugh in the daytime, with the third area being the more ‘VIP’ relaxed part of the hotel. We were in the third bit, as you can see from my photos of the room it’s pleasant, bright and full of art. I’d like to refrain from using the word ‘youth’ as much as possible in this as it’s really not about that, but compared to hotels I stay in throughout the world, this one was definitely more of that kind of vibe. But not to be seen in a bad way. The room was clean, tidy and had plenty of room for a 2 bed. 
It’s in the heart of the strip, but also feels far enough away from it to not be too intrusive. I actually probably wouldn’t stay anywhere else if I were to stay on the Magaluf strip again. This hotel had everything you need, and was a pleasant and enjoyable stay. I loved having a DJ by the pool you know, as a DJ myself I can appreciate some good music, and this guy had his chill house pool vibes down to a T, so listening to music and drinking cocktails by the pool was enjoyable. We headed back here at night, but you’ll see more about that later.
There’s more to Mallorca than just Magaluf though, and I was so pleased to learn we would be heading out on a little boat to discover some of the caves and beaches I fell in love with as a kid visiting the island. Some of my strongest memories of Mallorca from my childhood go back to swimming in small coves, and playing wooden bat n ball with my dad on little beaches unknown to others. Reliving that on the boat out of Magaluf for a few hours was bliss, and absolutely worth your time if you’re planning on visiting the island. We ate at an amazing beachfront traditional Spanish restaurant, and nearly needed a siesta then and there after a belly full of beautiful Paella and calamari, washed down with ice cold Sangria. Perfect. 
In only an hour or so you can make your way around the coastline beyond Magaluf’s bustling beach, and see some of the more peaceful coves. The crystal clear blue sea gets me every time. 
A visit to Mallorca wouldn’t be complete without a little explore around it’s capital: Palma. I feel like most of the people heading to Magaluf just land into Palma and never see it again, but it’s got a peaceful yet busy charm about it, typical of Spanish towns and cities. Full of restaurants, bars, clubs as well as shops – some familiar some not – it’s worth heading into. I love nothing more than to take to city by foot, so an hours stroll around the evening sunset personally is the best way to see the city, so Jen, Dean and I explored the Palma Cathedral and surrounding areas, as well as getting intentionally lost down charming side streets. 
I always think the best time to explore is when the sun is much lower in the sky, making for a cooler, more pleasant journey on foot. Spain of course sleeps during the afternoon for it’s much-needed siesta (my dream life) so it begins to awaken around 6pm and continues long into the night with restaurants and cocktail bars spilling out onto the streets. It’s a safe and welcoming environment here, and a world away from the English invasion of Magaluf by night. 
Of course by night Magaluf comes alive, but we started one of our nights out of town at the beautiful Balerio Illetas, a beachfront looking restaurant that really was what dreams were made of. Enjoying fresh, beautiful Spanish food while the sea lashed gently against the sand, I can just smell the air and remember the feeling of gazing up at the unspoiled stars, as clear as day. A far cry from the polluted skies of London. We enjoyed cocktails and natter, and it was an evening I won’t forget any time soon.
In a fairly stark contrast, another evening was spent enjoying a bit more of the Magaluf style entertainment, with a balcony view room overlooking Tinie Tempah as he played in the BH Mallorca hotel. On some of the other nights, the other girls headed out to the Magaluf strip but I just didn’t fancy it very much (just my personal preference) but on the last night we decided to sample a bit of it, and ended up in BCM. It’s not something i’d actively go out of my way to go to, but as a DJ i’ve seen my fair share of clubs and BCM was a total spectacle. With a huge stage, burlesque dancers and even a man with a snake (a real snake, seriously!) it was a good laugh and probably where i’d rather end up compared to the other bars and small clubs along the strip. 
So all in all, I felt like I saw a good balance of Magaluf excess mixed with traditional Mallorca, and I have to thank for that, who planned and curated the trip especially for us bloggers. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of their travel site until they reached out to me, but they were such lovely people with a great company selling holiday packages, and as trust is the most important part of any travel experience, they earned mine to make future bookings. 
What do you think of the side to Magaluf that we saw? Do you visit Mallorca?
With thanks to, who kindly took me on this trip.