Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

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I had a little polaroid camera as a kid, and I loved it. I used to take it to school discos and on school trips (even though it was super bulky!) and take cute little polaroids that were like stickers at the same time, I think? I could stick them to my school books and things! I loved it. Anyway skip forward to 2015, and I know, I know – i’m super behind the times – but I finally bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera. I think most bloggers/vloggers these days have one of these kitsch little retro pieces of kit, but being a tech/camera nerd, I just couldn’t resist.
I got mine from Amazon, and I chose the pink one because well, pink. I wanted it to capture my holiday moments and our trip to California, so it came with me in the suitcase! Hence these beautiful photos of it by the West Coast. I think you can see a little snippet in the prints i’ve chosen to include in the snap that they captured some of the more intimate, special moments of our holiday, as well as some other things i’ve taken it to in the UK since our return.

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So you just buy the film and load it in, and each reel has 10 prints on. The little dial on the lens sets the flash level so you know if you’re indoors or outdoors to set it to the right level of brightness and thats it – you’re ready to shoot! I guess unlike mobile phones/digital cameras, theres no “take about 5 yeah!” element of it, as you take one and that is a precious 1/10 of your prints! So I found myself choosing my moments wisely, which maybe made the snaps even more special.
I do not regret being late to the bandwagon buying one of these cameras, as I absolutely treasure it. I love the idea that I can then glue these little snaps into a book, so when i’m old and grey I can look at the times we had in physical form, and as I said above, perhaps the more personal times I chose to snap to savour the moment. 
I can recommend it, although do buy a few films as the first one will probably go a bit wrong as you get used to the exposure settings – I still haven’t quite nailed it – and I do think it is worth the money. I know it’s a little bit of a novelty thing but it’s a real nice throwback to my old film camera days, when I used to have access to the dark room in college to take a million film snaps, before delicately developing them myself in the developer and hanging them to dry. I felt so at peace then, snapping away and looking at the reel in the daylight to work out which print was best, before hand developing it. I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore, so even though this seems like a silly little novelty way of ‘developing’ photos, to me it feels nostalgic back to my teens, and I really treasure that feeling.
Do you have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8? Mine sits pride of place with my lomo cameras! If you’re interested in these kinds of cameras, I can blog about my others, too? Let me know in the comments!

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