A Friend for Sore, Under Skin Spots


Meet the Aesop Control Gel.

About a week before Fashion Week, i think my poor tired and stressed body knew something big was about to happen, because I got one of those horrible spots. You know the ones, the really hard lumps that dwell under the skin and never come to a head? Ya. One of those. 

Well I knew it had to go, mostly because it hurt – it was on my temple, in-between my eyebrows, and where it was pushing down it was causing me terrible headaches. It was awful. You have a couple of options when one of those little nasties appears, and usually the one people go with can be the worst one. Well, of course I tried it anyway – the squeeze. As we’ve already established, this is one of those nasty buried under the skin little things, so squeezing it only made it worse, made it more painful, red, sore and left me with dry skin where i’d desperately tried to get out the gunk.


I knew this wouldn’t do, so I headed off to the shops.

Down in Covent Garden there’s a little Aesop boutique, and I love going in. I needed a little pep up before Fashion Week so I picked up an exfoliator, and this little tube caught my eye. Called ‘Control’, it’s a spot treatment targeted to reach the most pesky of spots. I saw the words Salicylic Acid, and knew it had to be good. It’s a clear gel like formula, with a pointed dispenser, that allows you to squeeze a small amount onto clean hands before applying directly to the spot. Now this stuff is thick, sticky, and you can’t really wear makeup over it or really wear it during the day at all much – so I thought i’d try it overnight and see how I got on.

I went about generously applying it to the spot overnight, and awoke to find it had gone down considerably. It wasn’t completely gone though, and it took about 3 days of me applying this stuff straight at night time – and I also did a soft facial peel at home in-between too as i’d heard that helps – before the spot completely disappeared. It was just in the nick of time, as it headed on it’s way out completely on the second day of Fashion Week.


The blemish in question was right here, next to my eyebrow and in-between my face.

As you can see from this picture I took a few days ago just after Fashion Week, it’s completely gone. No swelling, no redness, no bumps, nothing. I don’t wanna be the person that’s like YOU MUST OWN THIS IT IS A MIRACLE WORKER, but it worked for me, and therefore i’d definitely recommend it for your consideration should you find yourself in the same situation.

It cost me £13, and you can view the full list of ingredients on the website here. I am so happy with this little tube, and i’m gonna try it again next time such a horrible spot should occur (hopefully not that often cos they are the actual worst!)

If you try this let me know how you get on, and if you’re looking for an overnight solution to those hard, under skin spots, perhaps this may work for you. I’m really pleased I swung by that Aesop store on that day.