A Less Than £20 Jumpsuit of Dreams


Photography by George J Rockett

I picked up this jumpsuit from Boohoo the other day.

I saw this on the Boohoo website and immediately loved it. I saw it as the most perfect going out outfit, for an anti-valentines look or a sorta cute date night outfit without feeling uncomfortable. At only £18, it’s such a bargain and i’m obsessed.




I am loving filming The Style Diaries.

I started this series The Style Diaries at the start of October last year and i’m loving making them with George. They are really mine and George’s little project and I can see us continually making them going forward. George part made it up with me, so he totally gets the shot selection and he knows exactly what to film. He is absolutely as big a part of it as I am, and we are already on episode seven!



I wanted to shoot this one a little stylistically different.

I absolutely love that Ed Sheeran song Bloodstream, and i’d wanted to do a Style Diaries using it for a while. I had been thinking for so long about how to do it and I got inspired by that sorta weirdly illuminated grotty car park style that everyone can relate to being in and making you feel kinda odd, with it’s low ceilings and orange tinges. I think it was such a cool setting to shoot in and i’m so pleased it fits with the song so perfectly. I decided to grunge it up even more by adding noise, saturation and desaturation flickers as well as double edged colours around my skin, to make it look like an old VCR. I’m really pleased with how it came out!




I had someone ask how to style shoes with a jumpsuit in the week.

Weirdly just before we filmed this video someone asked me the best way I think to style a jumpsuit with shoes, and which shoes work best. In my opinion a really chunky black boot works so well as it gives just the right amount of grunge with something like this, so floral. Other than boots though, i’d wear little pointed kitten heels as I think they look adorable too!


I honestly adore this whole outfit and I know i’m gonna have to limit myself from wearing it all the damn time because if I could, I totally would!!


So there we go, if you have one minute and thirty seconds i’d value your comments and feedback on this episode of The Style Diaries so much, and also do head on over and subscribe to my channel for more episodes in future!

I’d also love to know what you think of this outfit and whether or not it’s something you would wear, too? Let me know in the comments!