epiphany in selfridges

Hey all, hope you’re well. As you may have guessed, I went shopping today. Hehe. Naughty. This is what I bought..

top to bottom – pure kajal eyeliner, mac liberty of london birds and berries eyeshadow, nars mekong eyeshadow
topshop anchor ring
neurotica t shirt
The PURE eyeliner had 80% off or something and went from being £11.95 to £2.85 which I thought was a good excuse to try! I went to Selfridges as PRO was closed (why does it shut so early, MAC?!) and all I liked from Liberty of London was Birds and Berries, I own absolutely nothing like it and it’s soft and blendable. I then mooched over to NARS counter, normally I glance but skip as it’s either really busy or scares me a bit as I don’t really know their product. Anyway I literally touched Mekong with my finger and it melted my heart completely, as well as being so so soft..I fell in love. I literally said, i’ll have this one please! The lady was lovely and smiley aswell. I felt a bit confused and a little angry with myself for not bothering with NARS sooner. I feel like their eyeshadows are so pigmented I was stupid not to check them out. Yes okay their stuff is pricey, the e/s was £16 – compared to MAC’s £11 but you get 2.2g in NARS and 1.3g of MAC so there probably is a saving there somewhere. I felt like I walked away and my mind was exploded. I wanted all of those shadows! In contrast I glanced at MAC’s eyeshadow rack and there were only a handful I now wanted. It’s safe to say, NARS – I love you! If you have a NARS fave or a NARS avoid please let me know in the comments. I want to try more shadows, blush and possibly foundation and eyeliner?!
I’m so excited and rekindled right now!
Here are some swatches:
top to bottom – mekong, birds and berries, pure kajal.
To get this swatch I had to swipe Birds and Berries 4 times to build the intensity. I literally just touched my brush into Mekong and it produced that swatch…what! Ben was amazed as he watched me do it, the intensity and pigmentation of these shadows are incredible! I’m so so late to the game i’m sorry if you’re reading this going “Zoe you idiot, I knew this all along!” oh why oh why didn’t I ignore MAC sooner! I’m sure this will happen in a couple of weeks when I finally choose something from Illamasqua too..
Then I bought the little anchor ring and neurotica top. Love them both, expect to see them in some looks soon! 🙂 How was your Tuesday? Do you love NARS? Did you buy anything from Liberty? Let me know in the comments, I absolutely adore receiving them!
Love, Z xox