East End Girls


Photography by Juliette Carton.

Leopard print isn’t just for Walford.

I love leopard print, I think i’ve been rocking a bit of it since I was a kid – and I’ll never stop loving it. One of my most beloved coats through my early twenties was this fluffy faux fur leopard print coat I got from Forever 21, and I more or less used it until it was all matted and completely unusable. It became quite synonymous with me and my style, and I’ll always consider it a print that I will forever love wearing.


Yup, it’s another ASOS Reclaimed Vintage.

I’ve been obsessed with ASOS Reclaimed Vintage for a few years now, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Reworked, re loved and unique styles cut out of old fabrics given a new lease of life. Most of my purchases from ASOS do often include an item or two from Reclaimed Vintage, and here this outfit features a statement shirt – from you guessed it – Reclaimed Vintage. It’s got a really delicate floral applique along the left hand side of it, and I absolutely love this little twist to a leopard print shirt.



Meet my new Coach bag.

Oh man, i’ve been obsessed with Coach for a while now but not managed to bring myself to purchase something. Just after Black Friday, this lovely deep navy mid sized soft leather handbag went up on sale, I think for about £120 or so, and lucky me got it as a gift from a family member at Christmas. Absolutely stoked. It’s a great mooch-around-the-city bag because it’s not massive so never gets too heavy, and it’s big enough to fit all the essentials in. I can even fit a little makeup bag in there too! I imagine you’ll be seeing this bag a lot more around these parts.



I thought the boots offset the floral applique perfectly.

So I actually got these boots from Pretty Little Thing back in November and I didn’t think i’d fall in love with them as much as I have. I was a bit afraid to try them, but I just loved them the minute I saw them, so I knew I needed to get them. I wasn’t sure how they’d look on me, until I wore them with this shirt and I was smitten. Unfortunately they are now sold out, but you can definitely get some similar. I’ve linked some baby pink ones above ^.



So there we have it, a little look into an outfit i’m absolutely loving wearing at the moment. I’m not sure if you noticed, but i’m actually only wearing black leggings under the shirt. I think it’s the kind of thing where you can totally dress it down on the legs like this, because all eyes are drawn to the top and the boots. This also makes it a really comfy every day choice to wear, and I feel so cosy and comfortable when wearing it. Even the boots are super comfy!

I’m also just obsessed with this Victorian looking storefront, which is in Spitalfields, by the way. I spend a lot of time in East London these days, and I love that this little leopard print jazzy outfit offset the old London style of the area.

I’d love to know your thoughts, and if you would wear something similar! Please let me know in the comments!