cherry on top

Hey all! I hope you are all well. Unfortunately i’ve got a horrible tummy bug which is not fun at all so today no photos of my ugly mug for blog purposes! I’ll try post something a bit more exciting tomorrow or Wednesday, sorry.
How was your Monday? Whats new this week in the world of Zoe, well. Here are my quick in’s and out’s!


– Ecstatic to have confirmation that the incredible Frankle got a slot at Reading and Leeds (so deserved) so I shall be looking forward to that at the end of the summer, if you’re going leave a note in the comments, i’d love to meet you! Speaking of other festivals I also will be at 2000 Trees and Latitude, if you’re heading down to those too?

-I am currently working on photoshoots with two other artists which is incredibly exciting, look out for posts on those soon.

-I am planning my 21st birthday extravaganza for May and wow it’s hard work. I’m putting on a gig with some acoustic artists, indie bands and a ska band. I don’t want to jinx it yet but i’m so major excited!

-My boyfriend (Ben) and I have two exciting holidays to look forward to, I’m telling you I cannot wait for a break, it’s only March but I feel exhausted!

-100 followers on my blog! Need I say more? Stoked.

-Yesterday I made Hello Kitty shaped cakes with a cake mould I got from Japan and they’re amazing!! Treat. You’ll have seen my twitpic if you have me on twitter. (add me i love talking to you!) 


-Ben is playing a gig on Wednesday but it’s in Cambridge and I can’t get the time off work 🙁 sadface.

-Not having any time to go shopping! Argh! I want new clothes and shoes!

-Ugly Betty having about 2 episodes left, i’m gutted.

-Feeling poorly sick, need I say much else?

-I’ve been so busy lately running around i’ve actually had no time to eat, or sleep. I’m worried before long i’ll run out of steam! Thank god for days like today, I think we all need a day or two to re-cooperate every now and then :).

So I’m feeling blessed my In’s are outweighing my Out’s this week and although there are always issues going on and I have a very poorly member of my family i’m keeping a positive outlook. You always need to keep chin up :).

Anyway I was so lucky the other day to receive a brand new award made by Kirsty who has an incredible blog and is a sweet lovely girl. I feel honoured to have receieved this, it’s a gorgeous award!

1. Thank the person that gave this to you 🙂 Go on, give them a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to 🙂
Okay I mentioned above how awesome Kirsty is but i’m so grateful to have her as a reader, she’s always commenting first and she always makes me smile! I wholeheartedly recommend her blog, it’s jam packed full of great articles and beautiful photos :).

Three things I love about me? Oh dear. Narcissistic ! Haha. Not really…
1. I’m proud of how far i’ve come in the last year with my photography and i’m proud of where it’s going forward to, there are big things on the horizon and I’m ready to jump up high and grab them with both hands.
2. I love the flat I have with my partner and our friend, i’m proud to call our little London home our own.
3. I love being happy and I’ll strive to be the happiest, your days are too short to waste! I love that i’m productive and even if there’s nothing to do i’ll take a walk through london and gaze up at buildings i’ve never noticed before. 🙂

The photo that never fails to make me smile..

This one is one of my own, (don’t steal it pleeeease) it was taken during Frank’s music video shoot for The Road (i’m in around the end bit) he’d been awake for 24 hours playing gigs and someone had just cracked an awful Michael Jackson joke – it was after the day he died – and Frank just fell onto the mic, where I captured this photo.

This is a cheeky google steal from here of Andy Samberg – my ultimate love. It sums up how silly he is and I love the cheeky grin he’s rocking. Plus I love him in a shirt. Haha. 🙂

I would like to tag:
Abby – her blog always goes the extra mile with photographs and detailed writing. I love reading her posts when they pop up in my reader, a great honest read.
Jen – her blog is beautiful. She’s inspired me countless times to pop into charity shops and to recycle, create new looks from older clothes. She’s got incredible style and knowledge. A must read!
Sarah – there’s a reason why Sarah is on 1000 followers, and it’s because she writes passionately and informatively. If she’s written a review on something, I trust it completely. Her blog is a go to for the ultimate make up and beauty knowledge.
Abbie – i’m new to Abbie’s blog but every single post has been so well thought out. She’s got new ideas that no one else has published and I love her enthusiasm, her passion clearly shows. She writes about magazines as well as make up and it’s a varied, interesting read.
Tali – i always go to Tali’s blog, it’s such an interesting read with reviews that are interesting and actually relevant to me. I love the effort she goes to with the length, detail and photographs on her blog, she’s one of the most popular bloggers and it’s so easy to see why, it’s so deserved.
Lots of love, Z xox