Caroline Hirons for Pixi Double Cleanse


The world rejoices as Caroline Hirons finally launches her first skincare item, in collaboration with Pixi.

If you’re not familiar with Pixi Beauty, it’s a cute little makeup and skincare line that launched around 10 years ago right in the heart of Soho, London. Petra Strand has years of experience working in product development in the beauty industry and her foray into her own cosmetics line seemed like a natural fit. Pixi for me has been a brand I was introduced to right at the start of my blogging journey, and I keep on top of their new launches as much as possible. I love the simple, fuss free packaging as well as shade range and unique product launches. Pixi is a cute brand, and if you’re not familiar with it I think you’re gonna love it. Caroline Hirons is a skincare expert from a family of knowledgable and awesome women who have worked in beauty their whole lives. As for me, again, I got introduced to Caroline right at the start of my blogging career and her no bullshit attitude won me over immediately. I take care of the skincare I use now, thanks to Caroline’s honest knowledge, and I think my skin has never looked better. The pairing of the two couldn’t be more perfect in my eyes.


Something that Caroline advocates is a ‘double cleanse’ of the skin. 

As far as I am aware, there’s no other skincare product quite like this available on the market. Caroline has developed a double cleansing system, which fits neatly into this cute little Pixi pot. On one side, you have the solid cleansing oil – which removes even the most stubborn and bright/dark makeup, and on the other side is the cleansing cream for a softer finish. I like an oil based cleanser, It always makes my face feel nice and clean and scrubs any last residue of my makeup off easily without making the skin aggravated. I’m not sure if you can see very well in the photo above, but i’ve been trialling this out since Caroline gave it to me back in November, and I am obsessed. My other favourite cleansers were swept to one side for now, and you can see already how much of this i’ve loved using.


The solid cleansing oil is effortless.

Illustrated above in handy gif format, me taking off the most pigmented, most stubborn dried on liquid lipstick as you can see is a total breeze with Caroline’s cleanser. This whole process took me one minute to rub over my whole face and rinse with flannel.

The solid cleansing oil absolutely glides over the skin with ease, making taking my stubborn black eye makeup and even the most pigmented of liquid lipsticks off like a walk in the park. I rub a very small amount of it – I quickly learned you didn’t need a lot! – over my whole face and around the eye area, scrubbing my makeup as I go. To remove I get a flannel with a little warm water and gently wash away the cleanser and subsequently that days makeup. I’ve never used a cleanser that removes every last scrap of makeup so quickly and with such ease. I wouldn’t normally consider double cleansing, and I am a lazy bones, but on the advice of Caroline and with the notion that I really wanted to try this product properly – I then use the cleansing cream straight after. Again, it is so easy, just taking a small amount and rubbing it gently with circular motions around my skin, just to make sure i’m getting off any last dirt and grime. Voila! My face is clean, and honestly, my skin has never looked so good. If you do end up using the side 1 up before side 2, you can still use side 2 perfectly fine on it’s own. Win win.


Now for the best part.

Not only is this little gem perfect at removing even the most stubborn makeup, it’s completely vegan, 100% cruelty free (as Pixi is) and it contains no fragrances, and no parabens. I mean, what?! Yes. Really. A skincare product more or less so universal I think it would make even the most sensitive of skins happy. I’m bowled over by the dedication and the sheer hard work that Caroline has put into this product to make it the most universal product for all. So it has absolutely no scent to it whatsoever, which I absolutely love! I never thought that i’d even notice the sweet scents of skincare being missing in a product but for me it enhances the experience. I know for damn sure i’m not putting anything nasty or anything potentially upsetting onto my skin, and that is a revelation I am totally on board with.

I’ve handed this to George to try as well, as he does his skincare routine at the same time as me each night, and he loves it. For him, side 2 the cream cleanser is perfectly fine as he doesn’t need to remove makeup like I do, but I think when we go on holiday and need to use SPF on our face, side 1 is going to come in really handy for both of us. His skin is also looking great, and I go to bed knowing his skincare is working wonders for him. As he works in a public facing job, his skincare means a lot to him, and since using this product he’s felt happy, and confident – and in the past he’s had slightly problematic skin, so to know this product will always work for him puts him at ease, too.

I think you are going to fall in love with not only this product, but with Caroline and Pixi, too. Caroline’s cleanser retails at £24 from the Pixi website, and is part of a collaboration they have done with four other bloggers. Pixi, I pray, please keep this on as a permanent product! It’s too good not to! You can check out the Double Cleanse here.

What do you think of Caroline’s much anticipated skincare product with Pixi? Let me know in the comments!