can you create make up for theater using only drugstore make up?

Hello! Don’t hurt me – i’m so sorry for not blogging in a week or so! I’ve been visiting family and pretty busy. I’m back though and I fully plan on writing as much this week – there’s been a lot of new ideas floating around my head.

This is a little play around with a bit more adventurous make up – my take on Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
I absolutely loved how he worked to bring her to life and I wanted to experiment with the same make up in my own style.

So. This is the twist. I personally love Lauren Luke, Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan etc and the amazing looks they do recreating celebrity looks or film/tv/theater characters but 99% of the time they use expensive make up, or make up designed for theater. Now I can’t always get my hands on make up for theater – never mind afford it! And although I use MAC cosmetics I can’t always afford to waste money on colours just for the character i’m doing. Also as a small child I had horrible allergic reactions to thick, cheap face paint, and since then i’ve not ever dared put it on my face again. (It burnt. And really, really hurt.)

So I decided to try and create some looks using only drugstore make up (brands i’d previously tested on my skin to make sure they were okay!), to see how they would compare. This is in practice for my own photography designs. As I have no make up credentials it’s hard to get hands on make up cheaply, i can’t go to conventions or use industry discount cards. I wanted to make something easily accessible to the mass market, and hopefully you can help me with good drugstore products I can use for others!

Edit: i forgot to actually include the products I used, doh! So anyway I used…
MAC Face and Body in White (okay not drugstore, cheeky but i did pay only £10 from a blog sale for it! thrifty!)
ELF Studio Concealer Stick
2True White eyeshadow (used to set the foundation)
Sample pot (cost 99p or something) from Lily Lolo pure white finishing powder
Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow in 58
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Rimmel Lipstick in 160 Rose Passion

If you like the look I am more than happy to make a photo tutorial. Let me know in the comments!
Again. I have absolutely zilch make up qualifications, zero, none. So it’s a bit crap, i know. And the lines aren’t perfect and the skin isn’t as white as I wanted. Also I don’t own a red wig and didn’t want to pay a lot of money for one I wasn’t sure i’d use again (not halfassed, i am a student!!)  Please bear those in mind when commenting! 🙂

Love, the Queen of Hearts :p xox