Being A Blogger In 2019

Remember when everyone used to do those Sunday catchups? Talking about their week, their thoughts and sharing candid photos from what they did. Loved it. The thing with Instagram is, all of that gets covered on both story posts, and captions of posts. It’s kinda zapped the Sunday roundup, and also zapped a lot of ‘traditional’ blogging the way we knew it. I don’t think it’s any harder as such to be a blogger now, but I think the fundamentals of how you approach blogging may have changed. While a lot of blogging was treated before as a personal diary, I think now people want a combination of honest, genuine diary posts as well as useful, informative and digestible information. We live in an age where our generation uses the internet to enrich our lives. We look at Marie Kondo to help us clean our wardrobes, we look at Mrs Hinch to help us clean our toilet, we follow channels and blogs to help us cook and we look to Instagram to travel. We want to be educated. We want to leave like we’ve learned something.

For me i’m approaching blogging differently this year. My outfits, thoughts and genuine diary entries aren’t going nowhere. But additionally to those i’m focussing on searchable, digestible material. I know it sounds odd, but less photos. Okay, less of the same photos. Back in the day we’d post an outfit post with maybe 15 photos of the same outfit in. In todays world there’s no time to scroll through 15 photos. Four or five will suffice fine. Instead, focus on the important details – where the outfit is from and why you pieced it together like that. Photos are now digested quickly on Instagram, logged on Pinterest and ‘liked’ on Twitter. By the time you’ve got to the blog, more than likely you’ve already seen the photos, or seen the outfit. That doesn’t make the blog any less important, but it means you need to give the visitor something different, a reason to come to the blog. Tell them something they couldn’t find out otherwise, or make it a searchable element from google.

I’m all about sharing valuable information. I’ve always loved beauty and fashion, and i’ve always given honest reviews on beauty and fashion. That will never ever change. But as we move into the year and we’re shifting our spending priorities, I wanna show you things to do, things to see. Places to really spend your money on. Home items that will last, and unique home interiors that will help you decide what you want to do with your space. People still rely on blogs more than you know. They search for a bloggers perspective on an expensive item, or a holiday before they buy it. It’s not only of value to the reader but it is to the brand too. If you’re monetising your blog for 2019, you need to work out where the most value lies. It’s not always in those Sunday catchups anymore like it used to be, but it is in a hotel review, an electronic feature or a genuine experience as a customer. This is why millions of people all round the world still read blogs daily. I know we’ve been conditioned to think Instagram is the way forward, or that people wont pay attention unless it’s a video – but it’s not true. People love reading. I love reading, i’m sure you do too! Don’t forget the power of the blog and how useful it is. For me my mantra for 2019 is going to be to ask myself before I post anything – how useful is this? Am I learning something from reading this? If so, you’re golden.

Blogging may be now decades old (yeah, really) but it needn’t mean it’s stuck in the past. If anything, it’s future proof.